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    So I’m having a slight problem, I’ve been on NoFap for about a week and I feel great, but the problem is I think about pornstars, the scenes and how hot they looked. Then I get strong urges to take a peak at them but I constantly tell myself to don’t do that because I know I can become someone great out of this. Any advice will be great
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    I think what you're experiencing is fairly normal. It's ingrained in your brain at the moment, you see an image and you think of porn.

    I experienced similar and I can tell you that for me it did subside. Before I tried to quit I would see and image of a pornstar or an triggering image and immediate want to look it up on a porn site.
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  3. Its ok, i had those images in my head for over a month, now they dont bother me that much. Every time you get thoughts like that start doing something, anything. get your mind busy.
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    The thought come but make sure you don’t. Just let them pass. Meditation helps a lot with acceptance of the present moment and ones thoughts and feelings. I think it could benefit you greatly
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