Problem when I'm near or just text girlfriend

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Deleted Account, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I started to masturbate when I was 11 but now I've stopped for about 6 months.
    I have a problem though, I have started dating 3 months ago and everytime I go out with my GF i get an erection just by her being there and not even touching me.
    Whats worse is that, when I'm texting her, talking about normal stuff, making plans, I have an erection and it doesnt get away.
    Its just so bad, I feel terrible. Did anyone have this problem?
    Any advices what can I do about this? I think this is not normal, I dont want to be like this.
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  2. risedaily

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    I also sometimes get an erection anytime an atractive girl gets near me or we talking. At those times i always was desperate for any girl so all i thought about girls was sex. Thats how porn has rewired our brains. But now i am on a hardmode and i hardly think of sex so now when a pretty woman gets near me i dont get an erection anymore. I just see her as a friend. Just stop focusing on having sex.
  3. xnhp0320

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    It's just me or I am wrong. What I think this is quite normal, if you are near an attractive girl, it's normal that you think of sex. What is not normal is that you are near them, and you think you need sex however, you get no erection at all. This, I think, is that your brain needs more stimulation (porn) to get an erection compared to the simulation from the real girls.
    I do not if this is help, and this is just my option.
  4. Jackb97

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    Why are you beating yourself up over this? Be proud. and your gf should feel complemented.
  5. Infrasapiens

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    Dude, that is wonderful. It means you desire your girlfriend in more than one way (Physical). It happend to me too when I was in a relationship.
  6. Thanks for the reply :D
  7. OK, maybe its normal when I am near my GF, but just by texting her, I think my brain is infected from porn. I hope it gets better in time.
    Thank u for replying :)
  8. MakesLifeGood

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    Most guys here suffer from erectile disfunction... Many wish to have your erections. No reason to feel bad
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  9. mjones050505

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    While it might be embarrassing to get an erection when you're near or thinking about (while texting) your GF, it is completely normal. It sounds like you're a teenager, and you have tons of hormones working right now. Hard-to-control erections are a part of that, so the trick is to learn some ways to divert your mind when you feel one starting. I used to get them in the middle of math class for some reason. o_O I learned to think about something else when I felt it coming on...mine was saying the alphabet backwards. As you get older, your hormones will settle down and the problem will go away.

    Hope this helps.
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  10. I don't see the problem to be honest

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