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    Hi, everyone! I'm 22 y/o and I used to watch porn, not too often, maybe once a week, but during my 16-17's was a little bit more. I got some problems in my first sexual experiences. In my first one during the foreplay I was feeling really good, but then when we were doing it I cum really fast and I couldn't get hard after that. Some months after, I was with another girl, and the same, during the foreplay I felt good and my dick was hard, but then when we start to do it,I was thinking in not to cum fast like the last time but the problem was that I even couldn't get hard! So I felt so bad, I fell a lot of shame. Even the situation I felt good when I read some of the post here and I identify myself with them, because it's nice to know that you're not the only one and the problems that you're having have solutions. Now I have been 3 weeks without porn and masturbation. I hope that the reset works, but if someone has an advice or a comment I would thank you a lot! It's hard be in a situation like this.
  2. Hi, 3 weeks without porn and masturbation ... well done! Great, keep going.
    This helps you in growing confident and confidence is so important, trust yourself, getting that inner guiding system, the feelings to know. What helps me is training in focus, staying in touch with what is going on, my bodily sensations, arising feelings, emotions, thought patterns, just being aware, noticing, like a scientist, no judging, no evaluating, no condemning, no wanting it all to be different. Accept what is and love yourself for being able to feel all this. There are no bad feelings. You wouldn‘t know what joy is if you had never been in despair.
    Have you any practice in how to master your mind, focus, staying present to your inner life? PC-muscle, breath and visualizing exercises can help you to go longer when with a girl. It‘s fun getting in touch with your power, start loving your journey as bad as it may seem at times. You do it cause you are worth it. Cheers ;)
    PS: We are heroes
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    Thanks so much, buddy!
    Yeah the mind is very powerful! Which exercises do you use to train your mind? I use just to meditate, put some good information into my mind and just accept myself as I am.
    Thanks again!
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    Happens to the best of us, and yes I'd blame the porn and fap

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