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    You said it like it's something normal.
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    Basic microbiology: fecal bacteria (E. coli), risk of infections.
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    Simple solution to hygiene concerns: have the receiving person clean themselves out and have the giver wear a condom. This isn’t hard, people have been fucking women and men up the ass for a long time.
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    It is something completely normal, if you and your partner agree to try something, nobody is hurt in the process, is done with love. Then nobody should dictate what's right or wrong.
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  5. But it has to be done very careful...for me it always hurts? Sorry when I write this hear. Just saw this thread and I am always thinking about these things. One thing I try to get away from. I mean thinking about it so much
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    Why? This seems to indicate a father unhealthy view of sexual things, in my opinion. Like an obsession, to a degree. What's so useful or beneficial or important about anal sex that you would be so disappointed if you didn't get to do it before you die?

    I agree with the people here who have laid out the dangers of anal sex, but more importantly I just think its unhealthy to put so much value in one particular sex act. Especially one that can be so dangerous and harmful and clearly you're not 100% comfortable with (probably for a good reason). I think you need to seriously ask yourself why you feel it's so important that you do that, and let go of that. That's a slippery slope. There are so many harmful kinks out there that you might feel you're missing out on if you dont do them, but not everything that looks fun is a good idea to do, even if everyone else is doing it. And even if it is a good idea, you still might not get to do it. What if you fall in love and marry a woman who is adamantly against anal sex? Are you going to feel disappointed to have a wonderful, rich, fulfilling life with her because you never get to do that one thing you want to do?

    Honestly, I think this is something you just need to let go and stop thinking about so much unless it comes up. There are things that i want to do sexually that my husband would not want to do, or cant do, but there's no point in me being sad that I won't ever get to do them. There are plenty of fun things in life that I'll never get to do. Why not just focus on the ones you DO get to do?

    Also, please drop all the talk about religion and gay sex in here. This thread is not about gay sex anyway, as OP is clearly heterosexual. And telling a bunch of people who likely dont believe in God that "God says its bad" is not a very good arguement, because why should they care?
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  7. I agree religion does not help in it or should not be called on of course personal belief can help I think. You write so much emphasis on one unhealthy sex act - anal. But it’s still so much in everyone’s head. Almost all guys want it I think.
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    Yeah, because of porn. If porn didn't exist, I very highly doubt anal sex would be as widely commonly discussed as it is.
  9. I agree, porn drew attention to it and sort of normalized it.
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  10. I think if done right it’s not bad or wrong. It hurts easy but I have different thoughts. I try to get down the addiction not the practice. Somethings feel good
  11. Whatever the reason. Maybe now it’s just normal. And not bad
  12. Well, to me its somewhat degrading and unnatural, but to each his own.
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  13. Yeah but degrading is also something that became normal. Domination things
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    Again... because of porn...

    Degrading yourself and others is NOT natural or healthy.

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