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  1. jarvyjarvison

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    Hi guys. I'm jarvy. I was raised in a Catholic family, went to Sunday school, some Catholic school, and all that though I was never confirmed. So I figured this would be a good group to join as I'm trying to reconnect with my faith.

    Anyway, I've been having this problem with what I think is scrupulosity. I have these repeating OCD-like blasphemous thoughts and even sexual thoughts about religious figures. No matter how hard I try I can't get these thoughts out of my head. So I went to look up "blasphemous thoughts mortal sin" to see if blasphemous thoughts are a mortal sin and the first couple articles that came up about this were about scrupulosity. It seems that this affliction is now considered an offshoot of OCD. Further reflection revealed that I had other OCD-like symptoms such as counting.

    Anyway, this was all very inconvenient as I had just gone to confession and was looking forward to receiving communion. So I went a couple weeks without receiving communion at Mass because I was afraid I was committing a mortal sin. At first I thought I had some control over these thoughts but now it seems I have no control. If I could make these thoughts go away and never come back I would but I can't. I told my psychiatrist and he switched up my medicine and I started therapy for them. Anyway, last Sunday I decided to say "it's just my scrupulosity. I haven't killed anyone. I'm gonna receive communion." And I did. So my question to you all is do you think I did the right thing? Should I have gone to confession again? Did I commit sacrilege? It doesn't feel like I did but I have my doubts.

    The reason I didn't just goto confession was because I knew that if I went to confession it would be embarrassing to confess all these thoughts only to start having them again as I left the confessional.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. MaGRaM

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    Are you positive it qualifies as OCD? my point is maybe you should seek professional help from a specialist (in case you have not). If you are diagnosed as OC, there is treatment for you. If it is something else, then I am sure there are ways to overcome these thoughts. Praying for you, brother.
  3. LavaMe

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    Scrupulosity is basically religious OCD. If you believe you are scrupulous then it would be good if you found a confessor who has experience with scrupulosity. How a confessor treats a penitent differs if the person has scrupulosity.

    As to whether your thoughts are a mortal sin we have to consider the three necessary components:
    1. Grave matter
    2. Sufficient reflection
    3. Full consent of the will
    All three conditions must be met for a sin to be mortal. The thoughts sound grave. But the other elements are likely missing. It sounds like the thoughts unwillingly enter your head and you don’t want them. If that is the case this isn’t a mortal sin or even a sin. You have to willingly engage in something for it to be a sin. I’ve struggle with this some myself. A good guide is that if the thought disgusts you then you probably aren’t willing it.

    Overcoming scrupulosity and obsessive thoughts requires learning to let go and trust. That is hard. But you need to trust in God’s mercy.
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  5. dlansky

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    Don't know if this will help or not. When I was a kid walking home from school, somehow it popped into my head that I should make a bet that if the crosswalk light didn't change before I counted to 10, I would lose my soul to the devil. Really stupid, I know, since there was nothing for me to gain. Yet, I couldn't shake the thought from my head. I found the thought popping into my head every time I came to a crosswalk with a light. I would shout back in my mind that I was not agreeing to this bet, but it still troubled me. I still have those thoughts today sometimes, and I am 47.

    What I have learned is that a compulsive thought is not something we control. If you have a thought but immediately reject it as best you can, you have not consented to it and a certainly not guilty of mortal sin, if any sin at all.

    But don't take it from me -- take your concerns to a priest you trust.
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  6. Funk.en.Steiner

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    I seconded what LavaMe said. The thoughts are just happening to us. It's not a sin until we take consent to entertain it more.

    By the way, have you heard about Saint Therese of Lisieux? She was also struggling with scrupulousness. Her story might interest you. If I'm not mistaken, in the end she decided to trust her confessor. The priest asked her to receive communion despite here scrupulous hesitations. And so she decided to trust in God's Mercy and to receive the Most Holy Eucharist.

    St. Therese of Lisieux, pray for us.
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  7. DeProfundis

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    I used to be like you. Talk to a solid priest who is well versed in the spiritual life, he should be able to help you. I received some spiritual direction from a good priest and I managed to overcome my scruples.

    In any case, in basic morality, it's not sinful if we do not consent to the bad thoughts. Sometimes it could be the temptation of the devil, or maybe just our imagination running wild.

    If you haven't got confirmed, maybe you should look into receiving the Sacrament.
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