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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by malemedusa, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. malemedusa

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    I'm about to put 19 days in my rear view mirrors.

    I have a quick question regarding masturbation. Does masturbation by itself without porn and without fantasy count as a relapse?

    Just want to make it clear, I have not relapsed. I've been going hard mode for what will soon be 19 days straight, and I fully intend to at the very least continue on to 94. It's just that I'm still relatively new to this community and I just want to be clear about what is grounds for a reset and what is not!

    My main goal is to break free of PMO, not to completely go without any kind of sexual release for the remainder of my days!

    It's more than likely that I will eventually resume masturbation at some point in the future (not for a long while though), porn however is a permanent part of my past and will never be resumed again.
  2. Since porn and masturbation is linked with each other (for most people) abstinence from both will give the best results. Abstaining from porn only is good, abstaining from masturbation only is good too (but why?) but abstaining from both is the best since masturbation can still reopen the pathway to porn in your brain.
    Doing good, man. I'm only nine days in, hardmode, and my goal is thirty days by 2014. :D
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    This may be a daft question on my part ... but what is the point of mastubating without porn or fantasy ...
    edited to elaborate a little more ...
    for masturbation was what lead to porn ... when i ran out of good things to fantasize about i started looking for more ... porn filled that gap ...

    i understand the idea of 90 days without release is a little daunting .. for me im on day 6 and my balls are aching like mad.. plus there is apparently the health benefits from ejaculation.. not exactly proven ...
    for me i really dont want to get back on that slippery slope again and the way i feel at the moment i would like to refrain from masturbation for the rest of my life..
    be wary of your brain trying to rationalize things like that.. its just your brain trying to get its addiction back ..
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  4. It seems logical for someone to masturbate without porn during their reboot, slows down progress but for some people it works. The other way around though, is stupid. :confused:
    Masturbation without porn isn't too bad, but the fact that all of us here stepped into pornland before, things are not the same anymore, and as painful as it may is, never will be (to an extent). Ditching masturbation for 90 days is daunting indeed, let alone for life, but IMO after you free yourself from porn, masturbation is okay as long as you NEVER go back to porn, ever. And by then you have to make sure you're as free as possible too.
    And our brain is really intimidating. Rationalizing when the urges are hard to fight, and you slip up, you relapse. Then we get used to failure and we lose the motivation. So, be wary, definitely.

    Update: As for the porn thing and many other addictions, look at it as fat cells. When we gain weight, get fat, we get more fat cells. But when we lose weight, the fat cells just empty up. And when you gain the weight back, the fat cells are filled up again and if necessary, more fat cells will grow. I guess porn is the same way. What you have seen cannot be unseen, images of porn will still be in your head but just burried under millions of other memories. And the pathway to porn will close and all, but it's still there. That's what I believe, you'll still feel as great as before, but what's in your head won't be exactly the same.
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  5. ruwetty

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    Did porn lead you to masterbation or did masterbation lead you to porn. I willing to guess that masterbation lead the way. Going back to masterbation without the porn? Slippery Slope indeed. Can a reovering alcholic have just one drink and stop? Maybe, but why put yourself there?
  6. malemedusa

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    Very good, you guys have really given me a whole lot to think about. At the present time I'm really happy just being where I am in my life. PORN FREE!!! The reason why I was suggesting masturbation without porn or fantasy is the fact that I will never ever get laid. I am currently 48 years old and am still a virgin and will be so for the remainder of my days. I'm one of the ugliest men currently walking above ground. Hinch the user name malemedusa, named for a creature so hideous that one look could turn any living thing into stone. I may have never turned a woman to stone physically, but my face has definitely killed any and all attraction in their eyes. Guess I'm going to have to find some way to get used to celibacy for life, because there is no way in the world I'm ever going back to porn.
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