Read this First: What is the Partner Support Section and what belongs here?

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    About the Partner Support Section:

    A support section for partners of people who have had or currently have PMO-related problems.

    Threads that belong in this section:
    • New user introductions
    • Partners-of-porn-addicts journals
    • Dealing with negative emotions
    • Dealing with trust issues
    • Dealing with lying
    • Dealing with feelings of betrayal
    • Partner success stories
    • Establishing boundaries
    • Codependence
    • Partner support groups (limited to 20 people or less)
    • Tips on how to help partners recover from porn
    Threads that do not belong in this section:
    • Any threads that do not fit the parameters listed in the “threads that belong in this section” list (belongs in appropriate forum section)
Thread Status:
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