reading about resets creates fantasies and desire for PMO

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by TryingMyBestinCanada, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Ugh. My problem is that I get sexually excited when witnessing or knowing others are or were sexually excited.

    So for example, for porn I get really excited seeing videos of someone caught on video fapping where they do not know they are being filmed. Perhaps they are at their computer in their apartment and the blinds aren't properly closed, and a voyeur films it.

    I think part of my problem is that I imagine the dopamine/adenaline rush they are experiencing. I think of them lost in the moment in the porn, fantasizing about something while the porn helps trigger a sexual response for them. In the porn, I look at the body language, the movements, etc.

    So this site is tough for me when I hear people resetting. Although I feel for them emotionally because I know they are trying to get past this sense of helplessness and lost time and I really want all of us to be successful, I find some sexual excitement knowing that someone has MO'ed and had that adrenaline rush.

    So I have to work really hard when on this site to avoid or downplay those situations and remind me of the emotional connection I can have with each of you, in an effort to ignore/avoid the sexual thrill.

    I wish solving this was easy for me :) One day at a time.

  2. The site or sections of it may be a trigger for some. Avoid those sections and keep going, in time this feeling will fade.
  3. You can try YourBrainOnPorn websites, they might help as they take the approach towards NoFap in a scientific, well-researched, well-documented and more professional direction.
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    Search in all available sources. Here you can communicate with people on recovery and encourage each other. Also read the science behind the urges, triggers, reward mechanisms recovery process. When you experience those, recall the science of recovery. That will help.
    Ps: learn and practice meditation to eliminate the root cause. porn is a coverup for some other problem in mind.
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    You should be fairly safe in reading success stories because any orgasms they allude to are at least 30 days previous. If that triggers you as well, maybe this site is not a safe environment for you.

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