Really is self-control so hard?

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  1. Hi guys, how's your journey to success going?
    I am on the second day.

    Before I thought, "Really?"
    I'm angry with myself. I'm angry because I just realized that I'm not the one who controls my choices, it's like I didn't have the opportunity to choose. I feel I have to masturbate but I don't want to, and it's very difficult. I'm irritated to check myself with difficulty.
    There are times when I'm about to give in, it is very difficult. Yet, deciding what to do, should be the simplest thing in the world.

    I never thought it could be so difficult ahahah. What do you think? Is it for you too?
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    That's when you know that you are in a prison that you don't see. It's in the mind. In a psychological term it's what you call compulsion.
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