Recommendations on forums dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts and alcohol addiction?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by magic05, Jul 16, 2020.

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    I like this forum a lot.

    But naturally, the main topic here is PMO (what else would it be : D).

    Since a couple weeks I realized that PMO is not my main problem anymore right now. I'm still the same porn addict as always, but now my alcohol addiction and depressive/suicidal thoughts became dominant in my daily life. While PMO is very dangerous, it's not in itself physically deadly. And alcohol/suicidal thoughts are very much so on the other hand.

    So I want to get involved and discuss in forums that specifically deal with alcohol addiction and suicidal/depressive thoughts. Can you recommend me some good and active English-speaking forums that deal with those topics?

    Much appreciated!
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    I would recommend subreddits like /r/depression...
    I hope things get better for you mate. I'm sorry I can't recommend more forums to you, but I don't know many forums
  3. Neither do I know of any specific forums that focus on alcohol addiction, but I can tell you several tips that would benefit both those trying to break free from PMO and from alcohol.

    (In no special order)
    1) Avoid spicy foods which tend to increase desire.
    2) Avoid animal foods (they contain hormones that stimulate the passions).
    3) Avoid coffee, tea, Coca Cola, or other caffeine sources.
    4) Avoid smoking.
    5) Use L-glutamine (an amino acid) supplements to help reduce your cravings.
    6) Increase your consumption of B-vitamins, or supplements of them.
    7) Drink plenty of water.
    8) Get regular exercise.

    I bolded the two tips that seem important and which are less commonly shared. The L-glutamine tip came to me from a doctor, but you will find information on this online as well.

    Hope this helps.

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