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    How long do I have to abstain for before seeing the positive effects of retention?
  2. Depends...
    I can tell only out of my experience. After about two weeks of abstinence I see most of the benefits. After 4 weeks they stay at about the same level.
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  3. I'm not sure, but once I held off for two weeks or so. I felt I had more stamina, "felt" more like a man, had more confidence etc. Sleeping at night was a chore because my sex drive would keep me up usually, but the orgasm after that period of time was one of the better ones. Entire body was involved, felt like I left my skin into another dimension when I finally decided to blow my wad
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    It’s like a snowball rolling man everyday the benefits increase and you don’t notice it too much until you relapse and you see the diffrence
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    It may seem like he was joking at first, but this man knows what he is saying :D.
  8. I feel as a good rule of thumb, the longer you retain, the stronger you become. Think outside the numbers
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    I would say it depend on a variety of factors such as your genetics (hereditary aches, pains, diseases, etc), for how long you've been on PMO, the frequency and intensity of the material you've watched (how hardcore, how often and the length of the sessions) plus your physical status at the time.
    If you are fat, watch hardcore porn several times a week (an hour each time), it will take a lot longer to see any benefits of retention than if you have been a moderate user who watched 2-3 times a week and only for 10-15 minutes each time.

    One thing is for sure though, you won't feel many of the benefits at all unless you adopt a holistic view and try to improve yourself in many areas of life while embarking on the retention journey. Sitting still on the couch and changing nothing else in your life but starting NoFap is unfortunately not going to reap that many benefits so keep that in mind.
    And when you've come further into your journey (past 100 days or so) you really need to keep pushing the boundaries of self-improvement almost every day because if you stand still for too long, you start to feel slightly dull again after the initial retention-high starts to fade. So in order to maintain the high, you need to work on yourself, your habits and mindset a lot because it won't be maintained automatically until you've made them into routines in your daily life.

    In my case, it took only 10-11 days before I started to notice the first benefits in form of a slow energy-surge, followed by clearer vision and greatly improved mood. But I was also (and still is) fit and had many good and self-discipline demanding in place when my retention-journey started.
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    Awww...You're such a selfless contributor! No wonder you've got this addiction under you now!!! Keep soaring and helping!! The sky is no limit!
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    Will do and only the sky in the limit!
    You just got to tune into a higher frequency, imagine vividly and sensibly enough where you want to be (and write it down) but don't stress or worry too much how you will get there since it will be counterproductive. All you got to know is that you want it enough and that you won't let anybody's negativity, bitterness, jealousy or downtalk affect you.
    Needless to say, semen-retention is your biggest ally in imagining your goals and bright future. Nothing tunes you up nearly as much as just that.

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    yeah 10-15 days and you can notice that "magnetism" and glow in eyes
  13. I didn't realize it looks like a joke, ha. Yes it can appear to be a joke but that's a lie. I know many multiple people who have gone 10 years plus man!! For real, I know even more with less.

    Ascetic people, for yoga, for buddhism, for christianity, on every continent go celibate for many years at a time. Back in the day it was common for most religious men to be celibate for 20-25 years or even longer. Nowadays they regulate it but still do it. - So they loose the power

    You think 10-15 days will give you power? What about the man at 10 years monk mode uninterrupted? Is he a 'he-man' ? (google he-man)


    Most people simply cannot feel the energy. Between 6-12 months you may feel the same but actually you can feel your body better at 12months. Your mind is slightly more focused. Your knees are slightly stronger. Your body probably has more blood that gives you that healthy glow and red cheeks of youth much easier than the 3 or 6 months guy.

    How many of you feel strong knees from NoFap? NO ONE. But you do notice weak knees if you start doing wank marathons! It's the same with power.

    Most people simply notice the adrenaline rush. Think about it, a stingy, sedentary teenager that does nofap for 2 months says he feels energized and empowered but it's all relative to him. His body feels a little better. From the outside he's still just as ugly as before. Surely he has a little more energy but his energy is still scattered all over; his mind all over the place, his body as well.

    What about those shaolin monks? If they have some sex once or twice a month they still feel no weakness from it. And they surely are healthier than the teenager in the paragraph above^. They are sharper mentally, more focused and calculated in thoughts, body is much more still and controlled.

    For real it takes years to notice superiority. The foundation simply needs to be built. But once it's's on 24/7 :emoji_imp::emoji_smiling_imp::emoji_100:. After 5-7 years you truly start to become king like. Even if you don't work out much and maybe do some form of mental concentration practice, be it extremely focused and deep work or some meditation of some kind of some mental exercises for athletes of some kind.
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  14. Most people are in for cheap gains. They just want a girlfriend and friends to have a social circle with a social life and are satisfied. Well...they never actually deeply thought about improving themselves so this desire of improved was never really present in them. They were really just in social pain and wanted to get rid of it. Once they apply some Lamisil and the fungus is gone they don't care about anything else.

    Many people here say they became antisocial if they don't physically ejaculate. Or they become sedentary and feel energetic the longer they go on their streak.

    There was a huge thread here and the guy made threads on the semen rentention forum and nofap reddit as well. He was about 150 days in and said he was going to relapse and cycle it like that to maintain adrenaline like energy levels.

    That's madness!

    Just practice some mental concentration exercises, get healthier, maybe try to sleep and eat well. Stop watching porn and imagining every uneducated creature under the son naked. Energy is there. You just don't use. Train your mind and your concentration exercises will begin to feel like you're lifting weights with your brain. Literally I'm not exaggerating this phrase. You will notice that you've quickly used up the reserves of energy in the body in less than a week of training and now you're in for the hard grind haha. After 12-15 years of monk mode you no longer need to practice athletic mental concentration exercises! Your whole mind will be in a whole different mental drive. It has to be experienced. It is limitless. After 12-15 years all the extra reserves of energy have been filled in the body, there is nothing more to fill in it. You've maxed out. There is no longer a concept of dullness or lack of energy for you. You are like a walking powerful spirit with a weightless body that is ready to obey you until the end never experiencing a mental drag from it.


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