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Balancing rebooting with studying.

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    Before joining this platform i was thinking that defeating this addiction is impossible. Now I am realizing that I can defeat it. I have started my 90 day reboot since 4 march 9.00 AM . 2% REBOOT COMPLETED.
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    24-March- 2020 was my 21 the day of reboot.
    on 17th, 18th, 19th day I faced some urges but managed them.
    I managed them by
    1. reading various books which I am having related this PMO addiction.
    2. questioning myself why I should go for PMO, how much I have lost due to this addiction so far and so on.
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    finally lost after 22 days and 14 hours. On the same day started a new streak. this time I will try my best to make it upto 90 days
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    You've got this man!
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    18-May-21, on this day last my streak of 52 days super clean.

    I am too much regretting for it, but knowing that regretting is not enough I need new strategies and energy to avoid such incidence in future.

    this all happened as I turned on my data connection, to learn some tutorial of freecad software ( as before this I was using solidWorks ) but this aroused my urges.

    I enjoyed it less than that of eating chocolate. Why I still repeated it, at this moment I do not know.

    Possible reasons are,
    1. my exams were postponed I got some idle time, this created this whole catastrophe.
    2. In the starting days of this streak, I was studying about the science of this practice on regular basis that I stopped to do. this may have some contributions.

    some positives are
    • my first streak lost after 22 days and now this second consecutive streak after 52 days.

    Now my whole focus will be to avoid chaser effect.
    • the moment I got satisfied that I have got some control was an illusion, which needs to be addressed.
    experience/ learnings .
    this whole havoc happened due to having some fantasies about the sex, not with the digital P. Need to put these fantasies in the "things of concern list".
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