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  1. I am about three weeks without PMO and I am extremely horny. It feels so unfair that hanging between my legs and inches from my hand is something that will give me hours of intense pleasure and ecstasy if I let it.
    It seems so unfair to have such a temptation there presenting itself to me multiple times a day. I am so much more aware of it that I feel like a teenager again. I spend longer visiting the bathroom, looking at it, washing it etc. Arghh. Man this is tough! I just want to empty and reload so bad!!!
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  2. PMO is a diminishing pleasure. Do it a second time and it is not even half as good. PMO desensitises your brain to other pleasures. Long abstinence opens your eyes to the simple things in life. PMO is very boring in comparison to the intense beauty of life that we have dulled ourselves to.
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  4. Thanks man, great outlook. I managed to fight it away for another day. I can't wait until I get to the stage where this is not a constant issue!

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  5. Oh yes I know these feelings so well.

    What helped me, was to accept the urges as a positive instead of a negative thing. It's not easy, I can't tell you how to achieve. It was a long process of learning.
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    I know how you feel, at least you got more days than me. Stick in there..
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    I feel same
  8. Definitely reminds me of being teenager again. I had a 10 minute shower earlier, 2 minutes on my body and 8 minutes on my crotch area lol
  9. I know its tough, but the worst thing you can do is dwell on it. Looking at it washing it longer, all that stuff is really unhealthy mentally and is likely to lead to a relapse. Try to block it out and not think of it as much as possible. Good luck
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    Music can be a healthy thought-displacement for urges, at least it has been working for me. I start to think about P and immediately I think of a song, from beginning to end. Every drum beat, guitar and bass note hit. I start to sing the song aloud. By the time the song is over the P thoughts have gone away.
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  11. Thanks guys, this could be worth a try. I'll be listening to music all day lol
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