Semen Retention or NoFap?

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    Hi every1, I am on Day 9 of NoFap and I have seen the benefits so far however, the urges was very strong today so i recieved a blowjob from a random girl with no emotions attached, and I stayed hard throughout, I did not nut or orgasm just a little precum also I did not touch my penis when she was giving me a blowjob. During my journey I have been inbetween normal mode and hard mode sometimes it is confusing which one I am doing because the job I do requires me to be on social media so I may see a little nudity on social media but I always scroll past. The main reason I joined this NoFap journey is to fix my ED and also quit PMO, I wanted to know if I relapsed by getting a blowjob without ejaculation and I would also like to know the difference between nofap and semen retention so I can pick which one is better for me.
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    I would say NoFap and semen retention work side by side.

    In able to retain semen, you must not masturbate, as the goal of fapping is to ejaculate.

    But you see there is a deeper side to NoFap - which is to overcome lust. We as humans are designed to pleasure our genitals with the opposite sex, to have a bit of emotional connection. Sex is the activity of connecting with someone emotionally and physically. There is no lust in that. You set boundaries for yourself and know what you desire in life, in a person. Once you two mutually find what you seek through each other, you must express your gratitude for this persons existences through romance; the ability to express yourselves in a dark room as the divine.

    Now in regards to playing with your genitals, with or without porn, you are addicted to empty pleasure. Masturbating overtime will put you in a dark reality, as there is no one on the other side. There is nothing to gain in such habit except selfishly enjoying induced pleasure because you feel empty inside and there is no one there to share that with emotional and physically.

    Anyways I went a bit off tangent. But receiving a blowjob with no emotion for this person is no different from fapping. This is a mere scapegoat. You set to steal the energy from someone else to receive pleasure, as in the end they receive nothing back in return. No emotional connection, nor physical. Both have to be on the playing field. This I consider to be a bit of a relapse.

    Looking at photos on Instagram and admiring a woman's beauty is fine. Just don't go around looking at photos to fantasize about someone you never met or share something.

    In regards to your ED, I highly suggest to doing kegel exercises and do squats a the gym, or lift in general. If you have a high BMI, I suggest you lose the weight. Quit smoking and drinking, which includes vaping. Start eating a healthier clean diet. And most important...DO not masturbate.

    Keep yourself busy and use the benefits you achieved to grow yourself, to conquer, to become successful and the best version of yourself. DO IT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE I URGE YOU. THE CLOCK IS TICKING!

    So retain your semen, and dont fap. If you want to reach a male orgasm with another person then learn to orgasm without ejaculating. This can be learned by training your pelvic muscle. Google will help you with that.

    I feel like a fool spilling out all this information out of nowhere...I apologize if I did.
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    Thanks for the reply mate, I am actually very fit I go gym 4-5 days a week, I eat healthy, I use to smoke weed but its been 8 months without it, I drink from time to time usualy on the weekends. Ive actually never had a problem getting ladies or with my confidence, the main problem I have is staying hard and a prolonged ejaculation when I have sexual intercourse, this led me to believe that NoFap would help me. I wouldnt say I was addicted to porn because there was days I would go without it but it became a problem when I started taking long to ejaculate in real situations. However, ive done a bit of research and am starting to believe semen retention would be better for me because I still want to be able to have sexual intercourse whether its a one night stand or with a girlfriend without ejaculating. But i will still stay away from watching porn and masturbating. Also i believe oral sex with real life person should not be a relapse because the action is more physical than beating off infront of your screen, even though you may not have no feelings for that person you are still having a real life sexual intercourse as long as both sides of the party gets something out of it.
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    To fix PIED you need to stay away from porn. Staying away also from masturbation and other sexual activities helps to reboot faster. But whether it's a relapse or not you can only tell yourself. only gives guidelines, but in the end we all set our own different rules for the reboot.
    It's pretty simple...

    Nofap is about staying away from porn. For some people it is also about not masturbating (I mean the name "NoFap" literary means "NoMasturbation" after all). But for most part it's just about stopping porn use and staying away from masturbation (and other sexual activities) is done for limited period of time to kind of help with braking of porn use habit.

    Semen retention is about saving your seed - not ejaculating. You can watch as much porn as you like on semen retention, you can masturbate as much as you like and have sex as much as you like - as long as you are not ejaculating. You can even learn how to have dry orgasms and all that.

    Ideally you should combine both. Not ejaculating has tons of benefits. But so as not masturbating and not watching porn. If you do only one of these two practices then you won't get the full package. And, again, if healing PIED is your main goal then you should focus on nofap.
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    This was the answer I was looking for respect man, ive come to a conclusion that I will be doing normal mode NoFap and Semen Retention combined because I want to stay away from porn and self masturbation but I also want to have sexual intercourse whenever I feel like am on the edge and about to go back to porn (ofcourse without orgasm) I personally think this is the best way for me to recover. I can already feel the changes and I am 11 days in, I havent felt this refreshed and strong in a while. Lool I keep getting random boners in public though but i guess thats part of my mind rewiring.
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