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    Hi All
    Trust you are well.
    I have a question about semen retention.
    Say for example you have retained for 20 days and release then.Do you lose all the benefits?
    In my mind i can not think that you will,because you immediately start to retain again and you lose only that days semen.The 20 days you abstained was already absorbed back by your body,so you can not lose all that benefits.
    Its only when you ejaculate everyday that the semen is never retained and absorbed by the body and you have none of the benefits of semen retention.
    Do i understand this correctly?
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    The longer you go without a sexual thought, the more benefits you will see over a period of 12 years but perhaps even longer, doing physical retention is easy, it's the mental one that is the hardest.
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  3. I've been researching this for a while and general reports by other people, and also my own experience fits this, is that you definitely lose more than just one days worth. You would feel some difference. For some it might be worse than others. But generally speaking you would get back to the same place you were in about two weeks. So for example if you retain for 90 days and then release then you will feel worse, but not back to day zero. And it will take you about two weeks to get back to what first took you 90 days. The more you release the more it drains you and more time it takes to recharge.

    It seems that the longer you go less it drains you. Maybe for somebody that went for a year it might take quite a few ejaculations to drain themselves to any noticeable level. That would certainly make sense, because the trend I notice with others is that the longer they go less release effects them.

    But again, these are just some general trends I have noticed by looking into reports of others. And also from my own expedience. Individual experience may vary. Who knows, maybe if your body has still not saturated enough energy from retention during these 20 days you might lose everything, and might take longer than two weeks. Might depend how mush you were drained to begin with.

    Hard to talk about stuff like this. Because we don't really have any scientific studies done on this. All we can do is talk about personal experience.
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