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    NOTE: I’m not sure if this should be categorized here, or in “Porn Addiction,” as I don’t see what I’m doing with this website to be ”fapping,” but just counter-productive and time-consuming.

    I was doing very well with my last streak (18 days no P), but after a while that seems to have graduated to having sex chats with women in online chat rooms, which take up a lot of time. Shouldn’t be doing this, and instead should actually be going out on dates (I think one reason that I resort to this is because money is an issue, and I can’t stop wanting immediate gratification; I’ve had a couple of dates irl with this Chinese lady but it hasn’t gotten anywhere yet—a more confident man probably would’ve kissed her by now but o well). I’m also wary about meeting these people in person over the Internet—I actually got the email of a woman I had a dirty talk session with, but I’m wary about meeting her and anybody else, especially when they don’t really have a fleshed-out, built-up profile and you have no clue who they are. Thus, not in a hurry to try and meet her.

    So far, my solution has been to focus on other areas of my life, and wait to date until I feel that I’m on a definite track.

    PS: That’s not a likely way to get killed, is it?
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    Was doing the chat room thing, “cybering” as it was called, obsessively many years ago, when the internet was young, to the point where I slept only an hour or two a night. Developed a few very long term very strong relationships there (one or two women I still think about, and hope they ended up happy). DONT give or pretend to give identifying personal information. The up side is you share many words and thoughts beyond the sexual. Eventually when you break off for private chats you are communicating as human beings, and quite articulately, even if you never knew how to talk to women before. The sex-typing becomes the least important part of what you go back and forth about. The down side is you idealize in your head who and what they are appearance wise and other wise. I don’t regret these virtual “relationships”- too much connection was made to discount them as being silly or pointless. And dammit I learned how to communicate with women and how they think and they stopped being a foreign, magical land to me. But it was an addiction and so it had to be stopped. As for whether to ever meet up in real life, I heard one horror story and a couple of stories where guys flew places to meet up and were very embarrassed or disappointed. Only one meet up that clicked. Its almost never the same as what you imagine, and could be very dangerous. It’s also a bad place to start because of the idealization. It’s better left on the screen. And be careful.

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