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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Bharry, Apr 29, 2018.

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    Firstly I would like to apologise with this community if my grammar isn’t that good, I’m Italian and I agreed to this international community Because there were no Italians but whatever...
    In Enrico, 21 years old, and I am at day 27 no PMO. Everything is going better because my social skills are improving and I generally have more Energies. I fell like I am more steady and focused on my path but sometimes it Happens that I get mad because I can’t do things. I realised that abstaining from PMO makes me want to talk to girls more than before but still I can’t get laid and I don’t know why. I have read different threads in which people managed to do it. What is your experience about this kind of problem, have you have faced it?
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    Not doing PMO isn't the magic to getting laid. It's not doing 90 days of PMO and you get laid.
    Not doing PMO makes you hold your sexual desire, so you have to talk to girls.

    My personal problem was that I have some sort of approach anxiety, so I tried to learn as much as possible amout the subject.
    Turns out that nature has something to counter approach anxiety, so you have to learn from the things you find hard.
    Only then you will get to your goal!
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    Like me, i alway fond a way to dirty talk with girl in social media.. I think this go wrong lol. But in reality, u know what. After do a nofap, they got attracted with me. But i dont y? Haha. Before do nofap, i fell worst. Like they all hate me haha
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    Actually on NoFap I am meeting a lot of girls because I am more confident still I can’t get laid but I think it is still a great result. Anyway I think that cold showers and going to gym helps a lot more..
    I would also like to have more habits and NoFap is giving me chances for it. If you guys any updates about your benefits or if you have any tips for me I would to know. Good luck
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