Small Penis Gives me no confidence

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Loki123, Aug 6, 2020.

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    My you know what is really small I am barely 4 inches erect at 17 years old. This has made me grow up very insecure and made me wanna not talk to girls at all. As a result of this I feel bad since everyone I know has had some type of experience in a love life while I feel left out. I wanna develop confidence and talk to girls but I don’t know what to do since I’ve never talked to them. I know I can’t do anything about my size, I just wanna know how to be confident enough to at least have some sort of relationship with someone.
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    You're already experiencing what you're asking about. A girl is not going to talk to someone based on the size of their penis, rather it is based on your character. You can still be a good person and be compassionate.

    But to get to the point, the bottom line is that you can be good at sex even with a small penis. You can stimulate a woman's body with your hands, fingers and tongue. You can bring a woman to a climax without using your wiener at all.
  3. You will never find peace and love in life if you keep comparing yourself to others (in a negative way).
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    Man chill.
    You’re 17! You’re not gonna be in bed With any girl anytime soon.
    Focus on Fighting PMO, there’s a really low chance that you won’t improve after Stopping all that unnecessary MO.

    All that anxiety to talk to girls is because how P has showcased Women before you. There’s always an uncomfortable Sexual Tension in all those shitty P videos.

    Stay away from PMO, and in a few months, experience that change in yourself.

    Good luck!
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    Well a chick only needs 1 finger to get off so you're good. You can end the thread here.
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    Great points bestme996.

    Women don't want pornstars, so stop watching that nonsense for a start :) and they don't focus just on the penis, not in the real world. Any more than you are attracted to a woman only based on how tight she is?!?

    So if you want to appeal to women, get yourself super healthy, physically and mentally. Get a fitness habit and improve your diet. Get yourself a good set of grades and work towards getting a career you are proud of. Be a handy man, keep learning useful life skills, and have a hobby that enhances your life but doesn't consume it. And a small dependable set of friends too.

    When you get a girl, listen to her body and be selfless, use your tongue fingers as well as your p to get her off. Truth is that if a girl is struggling to accommodate a massive cock, it's your ego that benefits, not her pleasure.

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