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  1. Di.Do.555

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    I am not a smoker but i was wondering who here is struggling with quitting smoking as well as porn?
    and which one do u think u need to quit first?
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  2. Mithras

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    I was a daily smoker of cigarettes and marijuana. Now I occasionally smoke with some friends. Nofap helped me stop regular smoking as well as it helped me to implement healthy habits.
    The main issue is while getting through episodes of high anxiety, your brain will prompt you of using porn, smoking, alcohol or whatever the substance you are closed to.
    I would say that PMO is the strongest dopamine high so it's the first to run away from, plus when you just jerked off, your self-esteem is at the lowest then you're more inclined to commit self-destructive actions such as taking drugs, smoking, eating shitty food.
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  3. Di.Do.555

    Di.Do.555 Fapstronaut

    thanks mate. i hope you will be 100% clean from all addictions.
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  4. This is an interesting idea. I did it the opposite way. I'm drug free (this means especially tobacco, marijuana and alcohol) for 35 days now, but at the first time I used much PMO to distract me and to consume all energy I have. But I think it only worked because I changed my complete environment (people and culture). Some days I decided to join this forum to deal with the next problem.
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  5. I quit cigarettes and weed many times and had long streaks in the past (7 months, etc). But I always went back to it during intense stress experiences at work. The secret is to categorically say no when being offered a cigarette or a join, forever. Also, I would avoid hanging out with smokers (even if it means cutting some of your friends out of your life) and being in social situations inbolving weed.

    In my experience it is incomparably much easier to quit than P. Now I've been completely drug free for 24 days.

    I also stopped coffee, which helps a lot to avoid PMO, cigs and weed.

    By the way I ended up mixing weed and P on an almodt daily basis for 3 years and it messed my head BIG TIME.

    I would advise quitting everything cold turkey at once. The toughest addiction being by far P.

    Urges are strong during first coule of weeks for cigarette and weed. But they quickly disappear. Versus P which has insane post accute withdrawl symtoms.
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  6. Anne-Dauphine

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    I really fucking am. Rn I'm smoking 5 cigs a day, which is 5 cigs too much. I've tried vaping, doesn't work for me. I can't quit both PMO and smoking, it's too much for me. I have smoked since I was 17, same age I started PMO, and I have smoked during all my 2y streak. The most I went without was 9 months. I'm a social smoker as well, I cannot quit smoking if I have class and people are smoking at break. I'm getting really scared about my health. I'm quite the opposite as the post above, I find it infinitely easier to quit PMO than smoking, I have no idea why but it drives me crazy. I need professional help with this shit I think about it every second
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  7. If you really want to do stop it for your health you should also not vape. But 5 cigarettes a day is not that much, so maybe you are more addicted to the situations and how to have a cigarette instead of addiction to nicotine. Do you smoke when you are alone?

    One way to make it easier, which is often the hardest one, is to hang out with other people. Especially in the beginning, you should not join others to a smoking break with the goal not to smoke. This will not work in most the cases. Try to get to know people who are more interested in sports and health. But you need the self confidence to tell the people that you decided to quit smoking. It doesn't matter what they think about, if they want to keep you smoking they are no friends.
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  8. I really think you should still try to quit both at the same time. If you started P and cigs at the same time, both addictions are probably intertwined. You have to change those bad habits. You hate how you smoke so it probably generates low self-esteem and anxiety which leads to P cravings or urges probably.
  9. prsguitars2

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    FUCK smoking. That stuff was never meant to go in out lungs. It's an addiction that manifests very similar to PMO. I think that the best option is eliminating both at the same time. They go hand in hand. The whole point of all this "addiction quitting" is making our short time on this earth more enjoyable and easier. Take care of your body and your mental health and quitting pmo will be easier
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  10. Anne-Dauphine

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    Replying very late but thanks a lot for those insights guys. By vaping I meant 0% nicotine eliquid, but I'm actually considering transitioning first with a low percent of nicotine eliquid bc rn I'm absolutely addicted. It's not that much, but it's a huge lot man! I would agree, except I do smoke alone most of the time. Like 4/5 are smoked alone. I only smoke menthols as well. But all the people I hang out with are heavy smokers :( I did that several times but it only lasts a few days and then it's back again to point zero. I'm trying to quit both, I really am, I bought vogues yesterday instead of normal ones because I know it's making me smoke less and I picked up again my vaper, but I wouldn't say they are linked, it never felt like it. I don't smoke after masturbating for example, and yes they started together but it's just a coincidence for me. But I totally agree with the rest of what you said. I want to focus much more on that.
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  11. blacklabel92

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    Me, cigarettes (nicotine) but still smoking weed bcause i don't think its as bad as cigarettes. I feel like they are both terrible for your physical health on different ways. As long as you sucessfully wrap your hand around one addiction, when you tackle another it seems a little bit easier.

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