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    I have been addicted to porn for a long time now, in middle school as well as high school I would get caught by my parents all the time which was embarrassing to say the least… there were several cases which I won't bother getting into that spoke "I have a problem" in college I still found myself watching lots of porn as well as always having to have conversations about sex and chicks. I am in my first serious relationship and although my girlfriend doesn't care about me looking at porn I still feel guilty about it. I know it has an effect on my brain because the second she leaves the house I rush to porn or some other way to get off. I have never been able to cum during sex because my expectations are warped and so is my whole sex drive, I love having sex with her but I wish I just didn't have porn in my mind. Beating off isn't the problem, I feel so much better when I use my imagination, porn is an easy victory, I feel guilty afterwards, it's fake, it sucks… uhhh help!

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    Good job, the first step is recognize the addiction and do something do end it. Lets keep the good job!

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