Started talking to a girl I have feelings for.

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by Prominent, Jul 6, 2014.

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    My relationship is somewhat emotionally devoid -- this is both good and bad.
    We have no drama, but there also isn't a whole lot of serious feelings happening. She's 21, rendered herself a bit numb in her earlier years, and is a very quiet, shy person.

    Another girl who I recently started talking to is so ridiculously POSITIVELY emotional that it's inspiring. I am beyond attracted to this girl. I do in fact desire her. But I also respect her, and we're only friends, but man she makes some feelings in me rise up.

    I'm viewing this as a challenge, to embrace this girl as she cares deeply about my feelings (and everyone's, it's her personality) and to not think of her in a sexual way, but man she is attractive.

    Posting here to attempt to keep to my word and to slowly condition a happier mental & emotional state with this girl and to push sexual feelings aside as I am in a committed relationship with my current girlfriend.

    I have a small headache, but know I deserve it.
    This girl is beautiful and offers me very kind words -- I look up to her, she's so supportive.
    I hope I can learn to think of her in a non-explicit way and to have her help me with my feelings, including thoughts on abstaining and sin. We'll see how it goes.
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    There is a slight chance that the girl is nice with you purely becausr she wants you, but becauseyou arecommited to your current relationship she might gave up on this thing, and u might lose her.
    Happened to me once. I had my gf and an other girl. I was really commited to my gf but the other girl made me feel so awesome too. But after time she realized I won't ditch my gf she just turned away from me.
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    Is she some kind of therapist? Why exactly are you discussing NoFap with her?

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