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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by dopecry, Jul 2, 2017.

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    This is my 31 days of nofap. I can see several changes.
    1. I am not moody
    2. I am confident
    3. I asked girls for date
    4. More girls talk to me and i talk to them
    5. More focussed on work
    6. Ambitious and practical than ever
    7. I can easily get over hard reality things

    I get huge turn ons when chatting with females who can be my potential gfs.

    I will be honest, when i see women i still get sexual thoughts. I want to lose my virginity so bad.

    Before nofap i was
    1. Moody
    2. Had Less confident
    3. Had Less energy
    4. Had less zeal in life
    5. No guts to ask a girl for a snack/ dinner ( now i have asked for 2 girls, both didn't workout)
    6. Get depressed on silly matters
    7. Less logical reasoning.
    8. Unaware of what i am doing
    8. Used to hate lot of people( now i love every person, i dont know how).

    Is it worth trying and focussing on nofap.
    My answer is " undoubtedly yes yes yes".
    go give it a try.
    There is nothing to lose except to gain.

    Well i used to pee when i was horny , that is how I controlled most of the time. Its weird, it worked for me , thats all i wanted.

    May not work or may work for you. Design your own methods to overcome.

    Do nofap and dont be slave of your south pole.

    Now i am saint.

    I read several books on positive thinking, read success stories in reddit and here.

    Now i am free lancing as data scientist.

    I discovered porn in 2010. Fapped continuously for 5 years, no day left out barely.

    So, point is what ever condition you are in . Start nofap and enrich your life. Thats it guys , my success story after 2 months will be posted here again .
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    Great to read this..did wet dreams set you back?
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    No bro. It's a natural phenomenon. So, I didn't worry much.
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