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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Ganator, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Google translate here.
    Hello everyone, I have started to be part of this community because I realized that I could not control myself. I am reading the book "Twelve steps" of AA, in this book it is said that the community is important, I also read in many websites that it is very difficult to fight alone against this addiction.

    I already joined the group that speaks Spanish, but I understand that the majority communicates in English, so I am using Google translator, if someone can help me learn to write better on my own, I would be very grateful. If someone wants to learn Spanish, I am also willing to help them as much as I can.

    I am in the 90 day challenge, I hope that with your help I can achieve it. In the past I tried alone and secretly to remove this obsession for the PMO, but I always ended up disappointed in myself and with a feeling that it is impossible. Please recommend me books, post or routines to follow.

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    Hola, amigo ! I don't speak Spanish, but read your Google translate and i understood perfectly! Congrats on 5 days! We're 5 day buddies! Keep staying engaged on this website, read through the Success Stories section of the forums. It's very encouraging. Keep making friends, and introducing yourself to other people on the site. Welcome to the site @Ganator !
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    Hi, thanks for the tip about stories, I will read all that I can. Five Days yeeeiii! Im getting ready for the dificult days and don't lose my hope.
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    You speak better English than most American's I know, OP! With that being said, you will gain MASSIVE insight and inspiration from reading anything AA related. I say that as a recovering alcoholic who has been in the AA program for 9 months (today is my anniversary, actually!). There is a major reason why AA has served as a template for almost all other recovery programs in the world. If its easier, just substitute the words drinking/alcohol/etc. with porn/masturbation/etc. and the context will still be there. Welcome, and good luck!
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    Thanks, I just copy/paste the text from Google translate, it makes me happy that it is understandable, I Will try write by myself (this Replay for example) and translate only what I dont know.
    Congratulations for your 9 mounths, I had an alchooalc father and I know that it doesnt easy. Be strong!
    Thank you for the reply and I hope that we will reading more.
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