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    That is a good point. I do believe that it is the American people's fault for not supporting their own businesses and shamefully shopping at Walmart and other big box chains.

    Excessively bashing politicians is a form of bullying where people who are closet bullies want to bully someone but take it out on politicians because it is socially accepted.

    A better solution is to take action. Sign petitions, join in on protests, wear political T shirts, bumper stickers. Acting like a child and hurling bully style insults is weak and makes you look like a whiner.

    Also, keep in mind that pundits on YouTube that you post have to have strong opinions because that's how they make money. Pundits can be just as sneaky as politicians too. They need money too.
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    I assume this is sarcastic? You also lost me on YouTube, maybe it's me.

    From my view the problem is not where people shop but that Walmart pays their employees a ridiculous low amount of money so they have to rely on government aid to make a decent living. But hey let's blame the president, somehow he didn't bomb someone or created jobs for people to have. Let's do what we have always done and vote for an 83 year old man who's been in the House since 1973 because he's doing a great job :)

    I hope Mr. Trump will be successful and actually make a difference because it's needed and needed badly.

    Again sarcastic? People can get off the couch and vote. I think it's that simple. no?
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    No not you. Someone else posted a YouTube video.

    It's easy to just more than vote and then just whine and complain. Go out and protest, wear T Shirts, bumper stickers like I said.

    Do you look at international news? Look at South Korea right now. Millions of people are now protesting their president. People in other countries go out and make their voice heard and protest other issues too that's not related to the president.

    Here in America, we don't go out to protest and organize like how we did back in the 1960s. We're too busy whining and complaining on the Internet as our bellies are expanding at McDonald's.
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    In the US, people are fed up with corrupt politicians who become multimillionaires during their stay in office while doing nothing to rectify the full time jobs (careers...) crisis for the average citizen, not to mention arming terrorist organizations and starting pointless wars.
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    Your welcome everyone
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    If you hate your race, your country, and yourself, but love free dope, handouts, and anyone but whitey, Obama's your man.
    Trump has an uncanny resemblance to an actual human being. I wish him well.
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    Obama will no longer be president. But he won't be gone.
  8. RIP Obama, RIP! :(:confused::oops::(

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