The main reasons of relapses

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by ariza, Dec 27, 2018.

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    Hello. I am new here. I am 27 years old guy from Eastern Europe and watching porn more than 10 years.

    My English isn't good, so sorry for that.

    I'm trying to remove porn from my life for about three years. The longest NoFap period was about four months and this was great. Beautiful to feel hard dick in jeans only from chatting with girls or fantasies about girls.

    Porn for me isn't very big problem, I can watch it only one time per week or two weeks, but what I said, this is more than 10 years and I have ED.

    But last month was horrible, I watched much more porn and last relapse was three time masturbating per 12 hours. This was three days ago and now I am ready again to have several months streak NoFap!

    Why I watch porn?

    Main reason is my inability to found girlfriend or girl for sex. From about 15 years I am jogging, going to gym and boxing, so I have nice body and a lot of girls have said that. If no fit body, I still would be virgin. My biggest problem is confidence and communication. I have hearing problem, so I always feeling little stress and when there is stress, I starting shuttering. It is one cycle. And there I lost confidence. It is hard to have confidence in that situation.

    So there I am angry toward girls and watching really hard porn. I enjoying to see women pain in porn. I also going to escorts and I like when prostitutes isn't happy.

    I use Tinder, because of my body and my hobbies, I have a lot of matches. Per about four years I really had more than 150 meetings and zero girlfriends. A lot of rejections, a lot of friendzone status, a lot of words "You are good person" and etc, but zero girlfriend and sex with eight girls.

    I dont know why I am creating this thread. I just want to have again hard dick and kiss girl lips, neck, tits and pussy. I dont believe I can have girl and these rejections for me is like a loser status. I dont believe in myself overall.
  2. why u like watching girls suffer and feel bad?
  3. ariza

    ariza New Fapstronaut

    Because I am angry of tons rejections.
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    Quit obsessing over sex and idolizing women - procreation is a small portion of life but people make the end all of existence. PMO doesn't solve any of your problems.
  5. U went on 150 dates. Maybe u doing something wrong ? Try focusing on quality, not numbers. Anyway 8 times sex is very good. More than me ;p

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