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    I started my journey into transmutation of sexual Energy and semen retention four years ago when I was 32 years old after reading a book by Montauk Chia.

    I was drawn to this idea, it wasn't because I was addicted to porn and I didn't have erectile dysfunction, really I just had an obsession with mastery and I just knew there were powerful secrets to be uncovered here.

    After four years I believe I have perfected this art of semen retention and transmutation of sexual energy to the point that I can at least articulate how it works from my perspective.

    First of all, this is serious business and it takes a great deal of will power and introspection. Like anything that bears fruit, it's a long journey and even if you know the secret, I doubt there's any way to avoid doing the work. I do think however, that it might be possible to get this done quite a bit faster if you know what you are doing.

    So then, based on my observations of my own body, this is the secret.

    The male body is like a pressure cooker sitting on a stove. When you start out, after ejaculating it is like you just put water in the cooker and it's not up to temperature yet. Thankfully, there's a burner warming everything up, it feels as if we all have our own little sun providing energy. Eventually that water begins to boil and the pressure builds. This is the point where most men will give in if they don't know anything about semen retention because it's not comfortable. So the pressure builds and builds and it seems as if it has no way to escape. You do what you can at this stage to feel more comfortable but there's no way to avoid the feeling of pressure, but at least you don't feel deflated.

    Finally, after some time, the weight sitting on the vents gives way and there's a steady release of excess energy from the very top if the pressure cooker. Let's call this:

    "Overflow State"

    The overflow state is like a different kind of orgasm. It feels orgasmic in very cool way, it's not dramatic like ejaculation but it's blissful and sustainable. The problem is that you are still dealing with that damn pressure so eventually you masterbate and start over with colder water in the cooker.

    So the question to me became,

    "How do I get into the overflow state without all that annoying pressure?"

    The answer is that you must work on your resistance. Imagine what would happen if you took that weight off of the vent on a pressure cooker? Just as soon as the water begins to boil, you would be in that overflow state, even better, if the heat gets turned up on the stove, as in arousal, there's still no change in pressure just a big column of steam blasting out of the top. That steam still represents lost energy, but at least the water is holding at boiling temperature. If the arousal (burner) gets turned down, you are still at the edge of the overflow state.

    If you understand what I'm saying here, and you believe that it can be done, you may realize that it represents absolute sexual freedom. It means that we have almost free access to orgasmic release in a totally sustainable way. Besides that, this form of release carries with it special qualities such as hightened awareness and intelligence as well as memory recall.

    The the factors are:

    The burner - a constant but also variable source of heat that is your own internal sun that burns hotter with arousal

    The water - the energy buffer of the body that is related to semen.

    The vessel - the countainer that has resistance where the pressure builds and the energy is contained.

    The vent - the mechanism at the top of your energy system where energy is released in a sustained orgasmic way once the pressure overcomes whatever resistance happens to be blocking it.

    So in this equation, the resistance is the variable we are working with.

    If this topic is of any interest to the group and you like this analogy, I'll go in depth on how I got rid of nearly all of my resistance.
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    I would be very interested in learning more.
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    Before I really get into it, I want to make sure you understand what the target really is. The whole purpose of this work, in my opinion, is to reach a point where you feel orgasmic as soon as arousal begins. We are talking about no longer needing a solution to arousal. It is a place where you actually fall in love with being turned on.

    This is the foundation that you build on. It allows you to have truly beautiful and open connections with women based on appreciation rather than satiation.

    It's important to understand the target so that you will understand the methods of removing resistance.

    Do you still want to proceed?
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    I'm interested. By all means, shoot.
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    Alright then. It's going to be a challenge translating this but here it goes.

    This process of removing internal resistance is so complex that I'll need to use a series of anologies.

    Imagine for a moment that you were absolutely in love with a woman and she says to you that it's over and she's pregnant with another man's child, there's no chance of getting her back, it's just over.

    At this point you basically have two options. The first is distraction, oh yes you can drag this heartbreak out for over a decade if you are determined enough, you can watch TV or maybe even get into a string of dysfunctional relationships. The other option is that you can really dive into the experience of pain, feeling you body intensly even though it feels like your heart is ripping in half.

    If any of you understand what I'm saying, you might be able to understand that when you really bring your awareness into the body, where all of the pain and pleasure can be felt, that's when you are truly experiencing emotion, energy and basically everything that isn't of the mind.

    From now on, I'll refer to this idea of feeling the body as "embodiment".

    What I've realized is that the vast majority of people, really can't feel their body because they aren't dedicating their awareness to doing so. To understand how profoundly it is possible to ignore our experience, try sitting with a blindfold in front of a plate of fruit for ten minutes and then eat the fruit while wearing the blindfold. You'll notice that your ability to taste and touch the food is drastically enhanced now that your awareness is no longer consumed by your sense of sight. There's only so much awareness available to you, and it's time to start bringing that awareness into the body to do the work.

    Embodiment is the raw essence of the art of transmutation, if you can't feel it, you will not be able to transform it or move it.

    Semen retention by it's nature encourages awareness in the body by both generating extra awareness and by creating sensation in the body which calls upon that attention. So ultimately you will be feeling all of the sensation and over time mapping out new energy pathways that will allow you to move the energy with greater and greater ease.

    Thankfully, there is something that men invented thousands of years ago that is designed to help you do just that. We know it as yoga in the US. It's ironic you see because yoga was invented by men for men and it's actually one of the most hypermasculine activities you could possibly engage in, at lease in it's traditional forms. It's so masculine in fact, that I've started including latin dance into my movement practice to help me loosen up from all of the yoga.

    Now, don't get me wrong, yoga loosens you up in terms of flexibility but the postures are static rigid shapes that you hold and so it cultivates a masculine nature. In the last 3 years, my flexibility has gone from average to better than the majority of women in the classes that I take. By attending 4-5 1 hour classes each week through my gym membership, I've been able to completely open up my body. Believe me, increasing your flexibility does so much more for semen retention than weight lifting ever could. I would go as far as saying, just forget about weight lifting and dive into yoga. I say this because semen retention will likely cause your yoga practice to make you ripped anyway because you won't be slacking off in class like all of the women and those women will motivate you to push harder and farther into your practice. You'll likely be the best student in class in terms of rapid progress. You'll definitely gain their respect when they see that you are not kidding about your practice.

    I would caution you though. Make sure you ask your instructor to really explain how you should be working with your breath in the yoga class. The breathework is a key component for transmuting energy. Since most students do not bother to breathe properly, they will likely appreciate someone taking an interest.

    One of the benefits of yoga is that it corrects your posture and overall alignment and it goes deep. Even if you think you have great posture, I'd be willing to bet that it will take you 2-7 years to really get to the point where a yoga teacher would say you have great alignment. This alignment represents some of the "low resistance" that I was talking about.

    Believe me when I tell you that having great alignment and an open hearted disposition characteristic of a dedicated male yogi, drives women crazy.

    I'm probably starting to sound like a yoga commercial but I really believe that this is an invaluable tool to get where you want to be. To be able to sit next to an absolutely gorgeous woman and feel high and at ease within yourself. To be open enough that you just make that connection with them without any need to satisfy your ego by getting their number or any other nonsense. The connection is real after all, relationship is just something we invented. If you think about it, relationship implies separation and boundaries.

    So in the artform, we are learning how to effortlessly connect and be in the moment, just as we must be in the moment while our quads are screaming in pain as you breathe through it in a deep warrior two. Your breathing remains gentle like the waves of the ocean while you move through your practice. If you aren't breathing, it's just excercise. We are learning to stay calm and focused even under extreme duress. There's no fight or flight in yoga, you are trying to find that edge where you can be as deep as possible in your posture and yet still manage completely smooth and beautiful breathing.

    So if you are serious about getting somewhere with semen retention, try taking yoga seriously for a year, not at home but in a group class.

    Is there anyone out there who has tried this out? I'd love to hear your feedback.
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