The Trick the Brain Plays

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Son_of_Iroquois, Nov 28, 2018.

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    There's one trick that the brain always tries to play when it comes to this stuff. In it's search for PMO novelty, the brain tells a lie to justify the addictive behavior. And that lie is: "this time it will be different." This time, I will find something new that I haven't seen. This time, I won't feel bad afterwards. I won't feel regret. This time, it's ok.

    As soon as you really see that it will never be different. That each time is exactly, 100% the same, identical in every way (despite changing the surface content), then the urge to look at PMO becomes pointless. Once you see that you WILL feel like shit after looking at P, not MAYBE, but GUARANTEED. Once you see that the result of feeling horrible is inevitable IF you go down that path, then the illusion the brain tries to create about P use goes away. Then you see the simple fact that this process will end the same way every time, and then it becomes pointless.
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