Things that increase sexual arousal are dangerous while rebooting?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, May 23, 2019.

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    So for me for some very annoying reason a hangover from alcohol makes me insanely horny. It's so annoying, because when I am hungover from alcohol I usually want to PMO more than anything. But does that mean I need to completely give up having a night out drinking?

    Another thing I find quite strange, don't get me wrong I have been there my self and used to think it was a good idea, is guys want to know about supplements that increase sexual arousal while they're rebooting. So things like maca, horny goat weed ext, guys want to take things like this while they're rebooting. I couldn't think of anything more crazy. Why would you want to take something that's going to increase your sexual arousal when you're trying to rewire your brain from years of PMO?

    Like I said a hangover causes me extreme sexual arousal. I wish it didn't, but unfortunately it does.
  2. Because before and during reboot we are not in our right minds yet.
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    Does getting hungover cause you to relapse, or just feel horny?
    If it makes you relapse, I recommend a few weeks without alcohol :)
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