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    I came across this video today. It's really cool. I think it will help a lot of people out there looking for some extra motivation.

    Moderation Team Note: The following is a news interview from a former prominent porn actress. While she does discuss the horrors of the porn industry, there are some mild triggers that may affect users, especially those who followed her previously. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  2. Didn't know who
    Mia Khalifa was. Also had to google Lebanon. Fuck...
    But yeah, I'll count it as a win if I hear the words "porn addiction" from a mainstream source.
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    Thanks to the moderators! I was thinking about flagging it as a trigger, but I wasn't sure.
  4. Good for her. Its nice to see one of the most prominent recent actresses speak out. Im glad she was able to escape the industry and lifestyle at a relatively young age.
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    Right right absolutely true
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  6. The more people speak out the better.
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    Atleast she recognizes the bad effect that porn has on real relationships, and the fact that porn distorts the real love between two people.
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  8. I don’t know what to think of this woman.

    It seems to be the same with many other porn actresses that “leave” but seem to want to “keep one foot behind”.

    She’s left porn but is still making money based on her sexy image and reputation. I found her online shirts store. I kinda feel that many of these ex-porn actresses have a bit of hypocrisy in them.

    I think it’s some good stuff she shared but our motivations to quit needs to be independent of what these women share.
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    I agree. She seems like she still is banking on the porn, yet suggests it's awful. I dont think I can respect her. I appreciate her voice being heard, but she made her decisions and she was looking for a quick buck.
  10. Yes that’s another good point. They’re getting paid for those interviews.

    Her shirt selling business has pictures and slogans that make it sound like she’s not as sorry/ashamed as she says in the interview.


    I was surprised by how educated and articulate she is. A reminder that a wide range of people get into the business.
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