Tips for resisting fetish?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Frosty-95, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Frosty-95

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    Today I have failed the nofap challenge after 47 days streak. My sexual tension became so high and I just couldn't handle it anymore. Sexual fetishes are really a curse and can't be avoided. It even comes in my dreams. I still feel proud and happy for resisting it for so long.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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  2. primaljade

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    Pretty much everybody has a fetish of some sort, accept it and keep off the PMO.
  3. Immature

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    Start another streak right away. You can minimize the damage from a relapse.
  4. FrenchOliver

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    same problem here
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  5. Yeah its tough. I have the same thing. Images flood my mind and fill my dreams and it makes it really hard to resist. I dont have a secret for beating it though.
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  6. Sprinter123

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    I have found one thing useful in cutting fantasies short. However I don't know how healthy or recommendable it is in the long run, but i know it works for me.
    Basically whenever i notice that i am having an unwanted fantasy about a particular fetish, i just give myself two sharp hard slaps on my left hand (yes that hand). I think that the association of pain with those particular set of thoughts has helped to dramatically reduce the amount of unwanted fantasies which crop up. If you're not in a situation where slapping is possible then you can always pinch yourself really hard. It's weird, and like i say, i'm not sure what effect it will have in the long run but i have noticed that the fantasies are cut short by this.
    BUT it's not just the physical action, you also have to make the mental decision to stop fantasising, and concentrate on something else, the slaps just help with this.
    The important thing however is that if you find you are having fantasies which you are comfortable with, then you have to let those play out, otherwise your brain will cut those more acceptable feelings off too, and that's bad. Still don't do porn or masturbate during a reboot of course.
    This is just a thing that i do, which i've found works for me, im sure that most doctors or psychologists would tell you that it's an outdated and bad idea. But desperate times and all that. Just take this practice with a big pinch of salt.
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  7. Huh...thats interesting. I might just have to try that. Thanks for the tip.
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  8. So there's more of us with this issue. It's like if you're predisposed to like one form of erotica or porn, you might be more driven by your thoughts and urges to relapse due to your taste. I have noticed that boredom and looking for a reward drive me to relapse. Definiitely makes sense. Do you have a similar issue? Why do these fantasies occur? What can you do to reward yourself instead?
  9. Here2learn17

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    Playing the fantasy out all the way until the end could be helpful. With out m of course. If you play a fantasy out to it’s eventual negative end then it makes the whole situation real and kills the fantasy to some extent.

    This may not work for every fantasy but for people like me whose fantasies are usually wrong or taboo in someway it is helpful.
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  10. @Here2learn17 I find your advice very interesting. I think I'll try it out now because I am slowly but unsafely getting urges.

    One of my biggest fetishes is feet, and out in public I would constantly gaze, gawk, and stare at women’s feet and now with summer I know it’s going to be harder to avoid, but what has worked for me lately is when I feel excitement or start to get turned on, (especially at work because the woman I work next to, and almost all the women I work with have sexy feet) is I take a walk around the warehouse, and then if out in public I will jog away quickly. Keeping my body moving to avoid the urge.
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  12. Cowboy72

    Cowboy72 Fapstronaut

    I agree with you. Feet are my biggest fetish. And I try my best not to look at women's feet in public. I stare at my wife's and you would think that would be enough because she enjoys it. But I find myself looking at feet and wanting to worship someone's other than my wife's feet.
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  13. It’s hard to look away, I know lol. But the best thing you can do to avoid this is walk the other direction, or when you see a pair of feet, just text your wife about how sexy hers are and how you want to worship them ASAP. That what I’ve been doing when I have had urges and my wife loves it because I’m giving my attention and fetish to back to her.
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  14. Mitness

    Mitness Fapstronaut

    It helped and still helps me a lot, when i really have strong urges, to make a mantra of all the reasons why I don’t want to do it. And, as a craving for drugs, alcohol or a porn related thought or image comes up to my mind I count from 1 to 6 and backward and visualizing the numbers. I just count and visualize as long as I need to get rid of the porn images or thoughts. This does two things.. Namely, it get's your mind of the urge when you do it consistently and... it helps your brain make need pathways not related to substance abuse (rewiring). I really noticed that after 3 weeks of consistently doing this, the cravings began to weaken... And afterward, when the cravings are gone, i do full the mantra 6 times.. And if that not helps, and i'm at home, i jump under the ice cold shower. It's such a shock to the body and mind that in 90 percent of the time i cant even think about it haha.. And if even that dont help me, i will go run as long as i need. Last time i needed to run i kept on going for 25 kilometer hahaha.
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  15. Cowboy72

    Cowboy72 Fapstronaut

    I will definitely try doing that
  16. “Do or do not, there is no try” -Yoda

    You’ve got this. Do it already
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  17. MasterRoshi

    MasterRoshi Fapstronaut

    I have woken up some mornings with an erection and my hands in my boxers after having a sex dream. So far my hands have just been rearranging myself (longer than I would if I was awake).

    The second I wake up I do as I do every morning and this fantasy/dream subsides.

    U go to the bathroom, come back to my room, stay out of bed, get some workout cloths on, drink a big glass of water that I poured the night before, journal with pen and paper for 10 minutes, meditate for 10 minutes, pray, then start some exercise about 40 minutes, then shower, then eat breakfast.

    By this time the urges from the dream are long gone and I have replaced them with my daily routine that gets me ready for the day.
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  18. That’s awesome, good sir. Keep on it. I very rarely remember my dreams but I know I have had some sexual dreams that I have and for some reason they haunt me more than I feel a sexual gratification or attachment to it.

    My routine is pretty much the same way
  19. 18 jaar

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    Thank you very much for this story
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