Too much urges related to a guy. Please help!

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Eleanor, May 17, 2019.

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    Well, sincerely I thought I would never post in this section but here it goes:
    A guy and I liked each other in high school and yesterday we had a intense chat in which we recognised we liked each other since then. I know I have a Psubs addiction problem and a taboo over sex as well, as I'm very Catholic, and this came out in turning super horny around this guy. We're going out in a date by first time in 5 years next weekend, but I seriously need to calm down. Any advice in chilling out all this horniness will be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading, blessings.
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    Well, you're attracted to him. The only way to calm yourself down is to take your mind off the prize, which is the guy and the date. Since you're abstaining from PMO, your body would react to any stimuli excessively. That's the reason you feel so sexual around him.
    Other than that, it's the usual stuff. Keep yourself busy. Do things you love to do. But you can't keep yourself busy all the time. I mean it's impossible.
    Praying can help. After all it's all up to the one above.
    You seem to be nervous about the date. Be yourself. You'll do fine. Breathe in a few times. Say to yourself you're fine. Your body will naturally calm down.
    Think positive and believe everything will go well!
    All the best :)
    Take care. If you feel you're going to relapse, you know what to do! Log in to NoFap and update what you feel as your status. We're all here to help :)

    May god bless you and your date!
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    Thanks a lot :')
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  4. Freedom_from_PMO

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    Remember that it is morally neutral that you are sexually attracted to him, what matters is what you will do about this attraction. You can read Love and Responsibility by John Paul II and/or Three to get married by Fulton Sheen.
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    Congrats on the first date !

    I’d simply say being attracted is quite normal... what you DO with that... Is up to you. Remember you have the final say so in how his image or charisma affects you. Instead of letting emotions dictate your behavior : remember behavior dictates your emotions. Feeling excited is fine. Doesn’t mean you have to do anything with it. You can just marinate it or put it on hold until you meet.
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  6. Perhaps pray as you prepare to meet up with him; remember Christ during the date, practice expressing your desire for him but that you want to wait and make the experience special. I'm personally thinking in that way in regards to when I do end up going on a date- being able to say, I really like you and am very attracted to you but it's important to me to spend time in this innocent state to let love develop. I'm sure that reading the Bible in the intervening time, specifically seeking messages of purity and chastity beforehand might help also.

    I'm sure this is all in your practice already, but it's definitely helping me. When I'm walking down the street and OOH BOOBS I pray that I might have my vision cleaned by the love of the Lord, and that he might allow the healthy attitude I desire to become manifest in my being. Take care!
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  7. Freedom_from_PMO

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    Besides praying you can attend mass and communion in intention of good and pure relationship.
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    Sounds good guys! Thanks a lot!
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