Trick to avoid triggers in movies and TV series.

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    There are often unexpected triggers in movie and TV series that might lead to a strong urge of PMO.

    To avoid these go to the IMDB page of the movie or TV series and check in the Parents Guide section.

    If there are too frequent instances of Sex and Nudity, I just avoid the movie altogether. If I really want to watch it, I i do it in the morning when I am surrounded with other people.
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    What about women in a TV series who are rarely ever less than fully clothed but are still just damn beautiful? There are a couple of series (both police/ crime dramas) I've been binge watching and each one has a woman in the cast that just really gets me going.
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    You’ll need to figure out a way to process this. Avoiding beautiful women is simply impossible. Not just in film, but in real life as well. Trying to avoid viewing beautiful women because they trigger you, in my opinion, is looking too much outward. In a sense, you end up blaming your urges on your surroundings, rather than reflecting inward with yourself. When you see a beautiful woman in a non-sexual situation, try to focus on being in the moment. Everyone will have a different way to reframe. But the goal is to reserve sexual thoughts for actual sexual experiences. I know it’s tough, but try to keep your thoughts within the context of the situation. But also, it’s important to allow yourself to be sexually attracted to someone without feeling guilty about it. Because the guilt sometimes can have a strong effect on you. Like telling someone not to smile..... what’s the first thing they do? They smile. Because their mind is on it, and they can’t stop. So the more guilty you feel about being sexually attracted to this person, the more you’ll think about that. The more you try to resist, the more it affects you. Instead, let yourself be attracted, acknowledge the effect it has on you, find comfort and confidence that you can keep your rough masculine hands off your dick, and move on. A real man should be able to control himself.

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