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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Sleeperhead, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Sleeperhead

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    I move out of my parent's house into my new flat next week. I don't plan on having internet installed. I've replaced my Iphone with one that can't connect to the internet. It will be next to impossible for me to watch porn if I wanted to. I will have my desktop PC with lots of games installed, plus my guitar, and lots of books for entertainment. I can use the internet at my parents for whatever I need such as paying bills, or ordering something online. How can you crave something that you have no access to?
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    Great method and one that I live by. You will be successful with this method I assure you. Libraries and coffee stores are another option to get your social media fix if that’s your thing.

    If porn is an addiction, and not everybody agrees that it is by the way, then having unrestricted internet access is equivalent to an alcoholic being at a bar and expecting him to only order orange juice/lemonade all night.

    In all likelihood it ain’t gonna happen.
  3. Excellent idea. In time you will not only cure of pmo, but also get rid of all the useless things on the internet.
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    When you use this approach it really works. But if after 3 months, 6 or 1 year clean you go back to using the internet you gonna fall back easily. I lost my phone and for 2 months no porn but when i got a new phone i started watching porn like heavily. So right now am using the internet and nofap really helps a lot. Am currently on day 34 of hard mode.
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    Interesting perspective @trust d process. That never occurred to me. It seems to me that the trick is to use the tool as an aid but not a crutch. For example, disable internet when urges get extremely strong. At least, that's what I'm getting out of this thread so far.

    Good luck to you @Sleeperhead. I think the no internet method will help you tremendously.

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