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    Hey all. I am on day 63 trying to cure my PIED and DE. I have never been able to O from anything but masterbation.

    I am now able to O from oral off my gf. We’ve not had sex for almost 3 weeks.

    Will I eventually be able to O from sex?
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    I guess you'll never know until you try, good luck in rebooting your sex life.

    There is no right and wrong way to do this and if you gf is on board with what you are doing and trying to achieve then that's only going to help. I don't think there is a magical point where having abstained for 90 all issues around PIED and DE will be cured.

    Although if you are having orgasms from oral where you haven't been able to before then thats serious progress. For me I find orgasm from sex easier to achieve than through oral but as they say different strokes for different folks.
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