wanna drop outta uni - alternatives?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Nick:3, May 16, 2019.

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    Ok so I'm at the end of second year on my uni course (it's a art-based course where we use computers a lot), and I hate it, feel lonely, not sure if course is right, hate the life style, house mates are loud a lot of the time etc.

    I wanna get a job that excites me, not one where I have to sit down and draw; was thinking of joining the army, or circus, or something that involves movement (be in mind I've been training in martial arts for some time now like 3 years).

    Any ideas on how to know which job or direction to go in?
    Anyone been in this position?
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    No, only you can answer that question. Especially bc you mentioned the army, circus, and martial arts within the same sentence. Very different career paths.
    Literally every single day of my life, yes. Yes i have
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    My bad i misread the question. Um well to follow your passion and to get that job so you "dont have to work another day in your life" or whatever stereotypical inspirational thing people say. But its harder to do then say, espicially if you dont know your passion yet. Some dont have a paasion or drive towards one thing like that which bumps up the difficulty bc you have to find it and then do the hardest thing, which is pursue it
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    You could change to a degree you find more stimulating or leave uni and pursue a job. No shame in that if you have a plan and don’t just do nothing. Don’t wait around to discover a dream career, just put yourself out there and try something. What do you want to gain most out of a job? Discipline and leadership? Join the army and see how it is for 5 years. Niche skills and travel? Circus.

    Personally I am satisfied with what I’m studying but boy sometimes I just imagine how much fun be an arborist or lumberjack would be. It’s really common to not know what to pursue or doubt your self. But don’t worry about the expectations people might have.
  5. Wankeroni

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    What's the major called?
    You're a bit vague and your situation and where you're trying to go. I think the question you should be asking yourself is what you want out life rather than a job. The whole purpose of a job should be to provide you with an income that allows you to pursue hobbies that do excite you because that's an easier task. The truth is that every job stinks, so pick one that's easiest to do and will around 20 years from now before they make everything autonomous.
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    I would hang on and stay instead of you.. Build on what you have, dont throw to the garbage all your effort
  7. Ra's Al Ghul

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    What about becoming a Police Officer?
  8. Doing something that you hate is not the right thing to do, it won't bring you happiness on the long term and you will probably regret in the future not taking the chances that you could take right now.

    Remember this is your life, don't care about anybody else's opinion. I would say go for what you love but choose wisely think about it and then go for it. Make yourself happy.
  9. Why did you choose to study it in the first place?

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