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    So I am on day 9 of no pm . My girl has been away and i hooked up a tinder match.

    Yes I know it's wrong etc but I thought abstaining would give me better sex however, even with 50 mg blue pill my first session was over in two minutes and second couldn even stay up .

    I can't do the reboot without O but I'm hoping that quitting PM will at least help with these issues.

    Tonight I was discouraged big time. Still not gonna touch PM but I worry that this abstaining method could give me severe issues during sex.
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    Don't stress about it mate. It is a journey and has its ups and downs. 9 days is really only scratching the surface and you are pretty much deceiving yourself in hoping for some kind of hallelujah change after just a week or so.
    Not to mention many people go though a kind of flat line phase after starting out.
    Also, Tinder dating is really just another version of PM and feeding the addiction beast.
    Also, screwing around on your girl ain't real clever.
    Be kind to yourself and leave all that shit behind.
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  3. alexg1709

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    We just stared dating and to be honest she's been silent for the last week.

    Not sure how you mean tinder dating is the same as PM ?

    It's physical sex with a woman as opposed to PM .

    In any case I haven't looked at P or done m .

    I thought that was the ultimate goal?

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