What is brain fog?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Toomuchh, Mar 20, 2018.

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    Why does brain fog happen, what is the physical science behind the symptom.
  2. Not sure of the official scientific explanation, but for me personally, it was because porn was so embedded in my mind, it was all I ever wanted to do. If I wasn't looking at porn, I was either remembering sites & videos that I wanted to go back and look at again, or thinking of new videos I'd want to try to look up. So when I was with my family and someone said they wanted me to do something for them tomorrow while they were doing something else, I'd agree to it, but the next day I'd have no memory of agreeing to it, and even if I had remembered it, I probably wouldn't have done it anyway because porn was the absolute priority for me. Second was SOOO FAR BEHIND, it may as well have been 12th place. Porn was first priority through eleventh. NOTHING was more important to me back when I was in that mindset.
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    When men ejaculate prolactin is released, giving you that tired sleepy, drained feeling right after you release. Prolactin is supposed to suppress/counter dopamine to achieve sexual satiety. If you fap loads of times your prolactin levels can make you incredibly sleepy and tired i.e. brain fog.

    That's just my theory anyway don't take it as absolute science.
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    I can't describe the science of it, but it almost feels like you're just mentally detached a bit. Like, you still do life--but it feels like you're just going through the motions. You're not really engaged or focused with any sense of life or vitality. It can also include short-term memory loss, lethargy, and a palpable lack of motivation to do much of anything.
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    It's all interconnected man. The entire human body. For instance when you masturbate you'll release cortisol into your blood stream that will send your blood sugar levels on a rollercoaster ride, that alone can lead to mood swings and brain fog. The body has to work overtime to counteract all of these effects and that will be where your energy is going to, which means less energy for you until these issues are dealt with. Then when they are finally dealt with, a person will make the mistake of thinking that their body is capable of handling the harmful behavior once more. Does it sound familiar: "I might as well", or, "just this once..."?
    Never take feeling well for granted. The energy you get from your body is so precious it literally consists out of millions of molecular processes and is never meant to be spent on solitary ejaculation. Same goes for binge eating junk foods or smoking one cigarette after the other.
    Happiness and wellbeing is exchanged for pleasure, which can only be followed by misery because of the inflammatory stress hormones that are involved. Pleasure is mistaken for happiness. Neurochemically they are far from the same. The body can't overdose on its own master happy hormone, serotonin, meaning you can't downregulate your serotonin receptors from being happy too often, but you can downregulate these serotonin receptors by giving in to pleasurable temptations too often. These stress hormones can do that, the excitatory dopamine you get from watching porn, it absolutely can downregulate your happiness so to speak and leave you feeling miserable.
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    Temporal under performance of the brain in the areas of
    Storage and

    You lose touch with the environment and it like your brain is partially dead.
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