What is the Success Stories Section and what belongs here? (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Moderation Team, Aug 21, 2017.

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    About the "Success Stories" section:

    Has quitting pornography or excessive masturbation changed your life? Please share your story here to inspire other users. Requirement: 30+ days of success towards your sexual health goals.

    Fapstronauts come to this section to be inspired and motivated by others' efforts at rewiring. Therefore, please give consideration to the people who will be reading your thread once you have posted it. To keep this section concise, irrelevant threads will be moved to more appropriate sections of the forum.

    • You should be clean from PMO for at least 30 days before posting a Success story
    • Think to yourself: Is what I'm writing inspiring? Will I be helping fellow and future Fapstronauts by sharing my experiences and advice?
    • Share how you have made your success to give other Fapstronauts specific tools to succeed themselves
    • As always, NoFap Rules apply when posting.
    Threads that belong in this section:
    • Success stories of 30 days or above
    Threads that do not belong in this section:
    • Successful reversals of Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction (these belong in Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions)
    • Questions about what is normal during a certain part of a reboot (these belong in Rebooting)
    • Motivational threads (these belong in Rebooting)
    • Any other threads that do not fit the parameters listed in the “threads that belong in this section” list
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