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What should I do?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Bonhart, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Bonhart

    Bonhart Fapstronaut

    Its been 3 months since I noticed ED (I think it is PIED) and almost 30 days without PMO but today I have the urge to fap, not because I feel horny, but because I want to actually test if my penis works or find out what exactly is keeping it from working. I mean, I don't even know if this is physical or mental, but it's driving me mad.

    Right now, I'm dealing with ED, a breakup due to ED, business related debts and feelings of low self esteem. However, I made some lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy and doing some light exercises. I have also went to the doctor to see if everything is fine but haven't got the results. The thing is I want to MO to see my current status, but, I really don't want to because I don't want to affect the reboot process.

    What should i do?
  2. I say hold off until you get the results from the doctor. I suggest that for now you talk to some people here to see what they can tell you what to do during this time. Best thing not to do is edge and force a relapse. Also try distracting yourself with other projects that you might have on your list of things to do. Porn is what really owns that time that you could have been working on those projects
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  3. Edging is a disaster.
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  4. Pointlessaccount

    Pointlessaccount Fapstronaut

    This probably shouldn't be in the Off-Topic section.

    I wouldn't masturbate for that reason. Masturbation and sex are very different things. Masturbating is not an accurate test of your ability to get hard with a woman.
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  5. Bonhart

    Bonhart Fapstronaut

    Yeah, I posted by mistake in that area. Anyways, I will keep in mind that comparison between sex and masturbation regarding erection quality. Thank you.
  6. Bonhart

    Bonhart Fapstronaut

    Thank you, I decided not to masturbate. Yes, indeed, now is a good time to catch up on some things...
  7. Bonhart

    Bonhart Fapstronaut

    Today I got the results of an extensive medical checkup from last June.

    The highlights from this tests are:
    1. Almost deficient levels of Vitamin D - Got prescribed a supplement.
    2. High levels of Cholesterol - Got prescribed a pill for that, along diet and exercise.
    3. Slight dilatation of the right renal pelvis - Doctor said nothing serious, but recommended further studies.
    4. Low levels of iron and white blood cells, but no anemia - Further studies required.
    5. High levels of estrogen - Forgot what doctor said.
    6. The rest is fine and excellent - Yay.
    Regarding PMO, I've been clean for 30 days now. I have absolutely no libido.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019

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