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    I came across a Psycological Quote that stated 10 percent of arguments happen because of what is said, and 90 percent of arguments happen because of how it is said.

    For example, you can ask you’re spouse What’ wrong with you? If asked in a caring way it can be a good thing but if you are saying it with a angry tone things can go bad.

    If you are in a relationship speak with love. Remember who you are talking to. This is the person you love. You are conquering life together.
    No matter the circumstances, prevent life from conquering you.
    Life gets stressful but be in it together. Speak from the heart and most of all speak to the the heart of your lover.
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    Agree ..

    But usualy heard when attending a orientation course 4 managers or while i. A stratergic mangement seminar...

    Just like the differnce between...

    What the foolishness are you laking about.. it cant be done..
    Yea , agree with you , but not to the full extend.. mr xoxo i think you should rethink about the bla blah part a later time in what you have said .. so i think we should follow the idea laid down by ___ ...

    Kerala... Staywith kerala pray 4 kerala....

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