Whats your tactic for approaching women?

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    Probably the single most hardest thing for me is to actually speak to a girl I am interested in so Im gonna throw a few scenarios out here and see how you guys would approach:

    1. cute girl at the gym
    2. cute girl reading at the library
    3. cute girl at the grocery store

    Be as detailed as possible if you can. I'm honestly just curious how you guys would do it. I literally can only think of approaching a woman and saying "hey i just thought you looked pretty" otherwise my mind goes blank...
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    It's hard to create a 'tactic' for this due to all the stuff that's going on. She may instantly like you upon seeing you, but she might not be single. She might see you as 'just another guy' but perhaps she just needs to be impressed with humor. Maybe she likes your jokes, but she might just not be in the mood to date you. Every person and situation is different.

    Anyway.. they say 'daygame' is usually tougher. However, I would approach her as genuine as possible. And without any pressure. Your intention must not be to date her, but somewhere in the middle of trying to spark interest in you and have a friendly conversation. You also need to be in a good mood, think positively, otherwise you're going to be forcing it.

    Best way though.. friends of friends, work places. Best way to gain trust. Any place where there is time to get to know eachother a bit more, and where people know you as that cool guy, makes it often easier.

    And what to talk about? Anything and everything, as long as you don't try to please or impress on purpose. Stay calm, stay close to yourself. Humor always works well. Honesty too.

    But hey, this is just my experience and thinking, someone else might tell you something totally different. Oh and.. aalways dress nicely, take care of yourself.. don't look or smell like a hobo.
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    This is really important. You gotta just start getting out there and doing it, don't go in with the mindset of trying to date every girl, just have fun being social, and evaluate what you can improve on after each interaction.

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