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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by trust d process, Oct 5, 2019.

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    There is a first group of pmo addicts,the people whose first sex was with real women. And the other group is those whose first sex was with porn and masturbation(to the old peole too it was magazine and masturbation registered as sex. The young brain resgistered that process in your brain as sex. So your brain will program that process as sex. So that group will find it difficult to quit and having girfrends bcos the brain dont know real girls. It just knows smartphone and pc with masturbation as sex.
    But with the other group they are not much worse but will find it difficult to love and stick to their wifes or girlfriends
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    I'm the group whose first sex was PMO, but I suspect most men fall into the category. For certain the first sexual experience for most boys (unless they were molested as children) was masturbation. The variable would be how soon those boys had sex with a girl and how soon those boys were exposed to porn such that masturbation became PMO.

    I've never had sex or a girlfriend or even a peck on the cheek from a girl, and I am 53 years old. The only non-PMO sex I have experienced is a couple of times with prostitutes simply to see what I was missing. Of course a prostitute is not a girlfriend. A prostitute is just a glorified sex toy, because she isn't enjoying herself.

    I'm an odd one though. I agree that some people have such limited experience of non-PMO sex that it can seem that there is no realistic alternative except abstinence. That can make it more difficult to escape PMO addiction. (If I am misstating your idea please correct me. I may have misunderstood.)
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    Hi Mr Learning, can I message. I need help and someone to talk to
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  4. First sex was masturbation at probably around 12 or 13. Mostly fantasizing about girls my age from school. Eventually led to finding porn tapes hidden at home which i watched and pmo to daily. Would also MO while listening to people in my home having sex late at night. Once I started M, I pretty much did it daily. Once internet became prevalent I PMO once or twice or more daily for the majority of my life.
    Im sort of confused on the OPs post. The way I read it makes it seem that if you started out with PMO that you were unable to have normal relationships and sexual relationships with actual people which was never the case for me. Once I started dating I had many girlfriends and or sexual partners and performance was never an issue for me. I guess I was lucky or unusual?
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    I would be glad to help if I can, but I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice to others. I'm resetting my counter today after another PMO binge and a day wasted.
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    Don't feel too bad about it. you have to keep going strong
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    @learning do you refuse to lower your standards?
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    My standards are pretty low and keep getting lower. I began nofap hoping to abstain from PMO permanently. I continued to lower my standard until now I am simply trying to change the way I practice PMO to minimize the damage.

    Maybe you meant some other type of standards rather than PMO standards?
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    I think the older guys have a different perspective on PMO. The high speed internet is really the culprit.
    In the old days, you had to go to a video shop to rent a VHS tape. All the porn tapes were behind a curtain. If you went behind the curtain, everyone else in the shop [renting Star Trek Wrath of Khan] looked at you as a pervert. Once behind the curtain, you nervously mingled with the other perverts trying to make a selection. I usually picked vanilla sex, because you didn't want the other perverts to think you were more perverted than they were. Finally, the long walk to the checkout counter. There you stood in line with Moms, Dads,kids, Grandpas. Everyone is holding their selections: "Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop, Lone Wolf Mcquade etc."
    You're holding: "Naughty Leather Nurses, Truckstop Hookers from Hell, Shaved CLean and 18, Etc."
    You try to hide your selections, but the other customers are checking what everyone else is renting.
    Once to the counter, you place your movies in front of everyone. The clerk peruses your selection, gives
    you a sidelong glance and starts the scan. Suddenly, he/she says "This movie doesn't have a scan code?"
    He/ she yells across the room to another clerk, "Hey Steve what's the checkout code for 'Cuties and Cumshots Compilation Vol 3?" Cheeks crimson, eyes downcast, you pay and run from the store with your PMO treasure.
    That is old time PMO. It was kind of self regulating in a strange way. However, high speed internet lets you stay at home and privately seek out the most sordid, debauched, insane sexual fantasies ever imagined.
    No judgement, no witnesses, we sink deeper and deeper into a self loathing world of sexual insanity.
    I know. That is why I am here. I didn't even recognize myself anymore. Best of luck gentlemen!
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