Which media/website made you addicted to pornography? And why ?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Nuihere, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Nuihere

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    Hello everyone!

    I don't know if this is the right place to talk about this, i'm kinda new to this forum.

    I would like to conduct a personal research on porn addictions and their consequences.
    This research will help me to better understand my addiction, and she may be able to help people in the future. It's my way of "healing myself" in some ways.

    My first question as you saw in the title is: Which media/website made you addicted to pornography and why ?
    What i mean is : Is there a specific media or platform that made you switch from a casual consumer of pornography to an addict? And if yes, how ? What was different ?
    This is a very important question for me because it tells us about the mechanisms that can switch a person in addiction.

    I'll start with my own experience.
    For me it's reddit. I created an alt account dedicated to porn when i discovered the incredible amount of P on reddit.

    The mechanisms that made me switch to addiction are:
    1) The large amount of P
    2) The community aspect with the commentary space that makes the thing more welcoming
    3) The possibility of saving posts, thus creating a collection I was "proud" of and in which I could return from time to time for MO
    4) The ease of access thanks to the application for smartphones
    This last point really got me addicted because i could watch a little bit of P everywhere at any given time! I would watch P like 10 times a day sometimes!

    So feel free to share your experiences about this subject so we can understand a little better the mechanisms that got us addicted and avoid them in the future.

    If you know an article/post talking about this, don't hesitate to share it, i would love to read it.

    Thank you for your attention, and sorry if i did some mistakes in english, it's not my mother language.
  2. HugoBoss

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    Personally for me it was 4chan (/b)
    but I'm not sure that I can consider myself as an "addict".
    Before I started to do Nofap I used to masturbate (to porn) once/twice a day
    (sometimes it was on daily basis and sometimes it was like 2-3 times a week)
    but I never got to the point where I was like "Oh shit, if I won't fap RIGHT NOW then I'll lose my mind" or something like that..

    What was it if not the addiction?

    - My ex who cut me out of her life (it took me freaking 2 years to get over her)
    - Anxiety & depression (because of the same reason) and boredom.

    Did I try to participate in Nofap after we broke up?
    I actually had a 47 day streak (about a year ago)

    Did Nofap help me in any way to get over her?
    HELL NO!
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  3. ZenAF

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    That is plenty to become addicted. And you don't define addiction by having a way stronger urge than "normal" users. You define addiction by the inability to quit. And I assume you have hard times quitting as well, otherwise what are you doing on this website?
  4. HugoBoss

    HugoBoss Fapstronaut

    @ZenAF I'm here to challenge myself I guess?
    Again, I don't know how to define whether I'm addicted or not
  5. GaryMayor

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    The frequency of masturbation is not an indicator of addiction. A lot of people are so called 'weekend alkoholics', they drink once at week and are often unaware of their addiction. I think you are addict like other guys here.
  6. HugoBoss

    HugoBoss Fapstronaut

    @GaryMayor I've never heard this term before but alright.
  7. I think it was camsites for me that pushed me over the edge. I'd always watched porn, but camsites were something else. I had some money, and I realised I could communicate with girls I found very attractive. Dangerous.
  8. AngeZarate10

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    footjob/shoejob videos. always.
    they changed my taste.
  9. bken

    bken Fapstronaut

    For me it was Kazaa at the time, if anyone happens to know it. In the words of Forrest Gump, Kazaa was a bit like a box of chocolates... The better the clip you downloaded, the more addictive it became. Each one a surprise, much unlike the sites nowadays. Then came the mpeg sites, then the tube sites.
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  10. GaryMayor

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    The term is quite new, like a high-functioning alcoholic and so on. Nowadays, the addiction changes, so a lot of old-fashioned terms to describe it fail and psychologist produce new ones.
  11. When I first started to look at porn it was on this called *redacted*. It's currently a defunct site, but started there by looking at some pussy fisting. Then I found *redacted* and there is where I found the more juicy videos and fell into the niche porn of pregnancy. I also found and used *redacted*, where on that site I was able to find more porn and started to like porn stars from that site, plus this one kind of anal porn that a pregnant milf model did. Sporadically used *redacted* to find and watch this one pregnant porn star who's site randomly vanished with it's intro video, but was able to find her other videos on the site.
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  12. Jen@8675309

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    Please do not use this thread to list porn sites that you've been addicted to. It's fine to reference genres.
  13. InnerFaith

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    haha, kazaa.. emule.. the "good old days"
    yes, those things made me go down the spiral..
    the websites that brought me to porn are burried in the 90's early 2000's
  14. aerokus

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  15. Freedom_from_PMO

    Freedom_from_PMO Fapstronaut

    Warning - mentioning furry sites with both sfw art and furry porn

    I have furry fetish, so quite stereotypically it was Deviantart. The experience that pushed me wasn't even intentionally looking at 18+ images, but lots of very erotic "safe for work" images. Back then I wasn't really aware that this is a fetish, it was wierd fascination for me. I was browsing initially animal transformation and then furry "sfw" art it was exciting me and then I was leaving to MO. Full PMO came later. Then I discovered Arania Kamiki's "art" gallery, while looking for more tf images. Later on e621, place for uploading furry images, Transfur - place dedicated to transformation "art" and less than year ago Fur Affinity - biggest furry gallery. What all those places had in common is that they host both porn and safe images and I many times went to them to look and safe images and ended fapping to porn. I sometimes fapped to photos and pictures from Fetlife.
  16. AngeZarate10

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    In the last months, i saw always a site where it were footjob videos, and i masturbate 1-2 time at day when i was without my girl, usually before running in the morning.
  17. Maddness

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    My first time to jump in on this site as I have been reading many posts for the past month. I guess I am a tad old school as my introduction to porn and frequent MO was to print magazines in the last 70’s and early 80’s, then videos in the 90’s and now of course the internet. There is no doubt that with easier access to images through technology, the addictive nature is spreading rapidly. I know media preys on the public for consumption of whatever they are offering but I personally refuse to phrase the question “what media..MADE you addicted.” I am not at all picking on your question and I understand what you are getting to but For me, part of winning this battle is framing it in a winnable context. Yes, addiction is the loss of control but I personally have to fight the victim attitude as a means to overcome. Nothing can “make” me addicted. There is some consent on our part but it certainly gets shredded in the heat of the moment. It is in the sober times that we come back to our senses and re orient to the true nature of the problem. Your inquiry is a great one though and I often think about generations in the past, hundreds and thousands of years ago, and did they struggle with MO much at all. I think the adage “out of sight, out of mind” best describes the way it was in times past. I suspect there was some battle with it but not to the extent as is today due to ridiculous availability. One example from the past that comes to mind is David in the Bible. He is on his rooftop strolling around and below see’s Bathsheba bathing. He eventually summons her and has sex with her. What the Bible does not make clear is how hard David was rubbernecking to see her. I doubt seriously he was just minding his own business and out of no where........Bam, the beautiful Bathsheba. I can only speculate but I bet he was spying on her many times before and his continued lust push him to adultery and eventually impregnating her. This situation is just like porn in that it continually pushes us to next exciting level, never satisfied to stay put. So bottom line, any access to images (whether live or still) to VISUALIZE, can be a medium for sexual addiction.

    ok, I have an interesting and serious question. If you are blind or have incredibly poor vision, are you less likely to become addicted to porn ? Are there any vision impaired members of this community that could add some insight in this?
  18. Nuihere

    Nuihere Fapstronaut

    Thank you all your resonses are great.

    I know a lot of vision impaired people, i know them very well trust me. And yes they can be addicted to porn the same way other people can be.

    I agree with you, my question should be a little more oriented toward the person, not the media.

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