Why Can't Get Over My Past ???

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by विशुद्ध ब्रह्मचारी, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    Namaste, Greetings from India.
    Acctually i had some good and bad experiences, some untouchable and memorable day. Everything was going well, was flying in the sky and suddendly a hunter comes and breaks my wings.
    I totally felt despondency and solitude. Became alone again just from last 2 months. It was indeed a pure and true relationship but ended.
    Both started going ahead on own way,
    I have to get my career very soon, i've already lapsed my time going after other now it's high time to be more careful to get my dream job.
    But why my past always comes on my way?
    Why scraches my back?
    Why makes me cry?
    Is it essential to live in life we need to have any relationship?
    Why life is totally empty?
    I know, its difficult to remove these memoirs from my life but i get one thing clear never give others more importance than yours.
    We are always fond of expecting from others, but, never want to listen ourself. We have many things to do for ourself so why after others.
    Just trying to improve myself and being a little better.
    Thanks and happy rading
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  2. Infrasapiens

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    Well, in my opinion, I have been stuck for more than a year now grieving for my failed relationship because I have never done something different since then. I still do the exact same things I did when I was with her with the difference that she is gone. I would recomend trying new things that you would enjoy. I would follow my own advice but I am afraid to find out I cannot enjoy things anymore. Try it, there is nothing to lose.
  3. This is indeed an excellent ideas. I've developed some hobbies of reading and writing. It helps me sometimes yet many a times i feel despondency and isolated.
    Any way, i appreciate it. Thanks
    And all the best to you
  4. BravelyKegger

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    you dont want to get rid of memories, they are there so we can reflect upon them and learn from them, they might be painful at times but they are apart of you, instead of trying to get rid of them and block them out, you need to accept them for what they are, accept them, put them behind you, but never forget them.
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  5. I've accepted man that i had my amazing past with someone special and now we have changed our tracks and moving on different directions. Not many times but, whenever it comes. It makes me cry and desparate. Now, i'm in a good days and trying to improve my personal a bit.
    Thanks for threading your thought
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  6. DonDraper

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    Look to the memories for lessons, whether good or bad. These memories continue to bother you as you have not reasoned them out, understood them, and extracted the true depth behind what has happened. Look to the past for lessons, live in the present, anticipate the future.
  7. KennyCZ

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    Because you haven't accepted shit. You cant say that you have accpeted it because if you did then there would be no
  8. Ha ha!! Got it as clear as crystal.
    Do you think this is that much easy as much we think? Nope!!!
    But the best thing is that sometimes it brings a charming smile on my face, how beautiful these days were and sometimes i stay in a gloomy day, why and how these special days went away..
    Any way, thanks for your concerns
  9. That's the remakable things. I truely admire your concern. Yaa, i got so many reasons to not have the belonging one. That might be more special to me but i'm glad to find some good experciences that turn myself to be a better man.
  10. Kimsesiz

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    Im thinking anout the same thing since 1 hour.
    Im afraid about thinking my whole lifr what kind of disgusting porn i used to watch, all the sexting i have done with strangers... :(
  11. jwitcher

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    How about listing down all the negative shit you've been through, on a page, reading them to yourself and say "Yeah, that was bad, but I'm not like this anymore, I keep circling in the same shit everyday. Not ok." and then burn the page as a reminder that all that negative shit is there as LESSONS. Not as stuff to think about all the time.
  12. Yaa, porn is this much disgusting. One you enter in this riddle, you will keep on bogging down. The more you try to get rid of it the more you trap. Need to convince our mind, have to accept how it damaged our mind. Should be attentive, be more carefull
  13. I love writing diary and mention everything i am getting or feeling. But not your remarkable ideas clicked good on my mind to making list of negative things and burning it. Earlier i was used to do thanks for reminding.
    Hope you too are in a good days

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