Why people fight in the name of Religion?

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  1. Nath1234

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    There has been countless examples throughout the history of mankind, where humans have fought / killed each other in the name of flourishing one's religion ...

    I want to open the floor to my fellow members, to get their point of view, as to what may be the probable reasons/ things going on in one's mind, while performing these acts of complete idiocy. As we all know, Sun us a star, and it will meet its its eventual demise, as all the other stars do. Along with it our dearest Blue Planet will perish ( guess in several billion years)... Then whats the point in fighting ?

    For Land?
    For power over all the nations?
    For survival?
    For money?
    For securing a place in heaven(in there is one such place) by showing God, that I have fought and killed/ destroyed 'X' number of persons/ families to flourish 'Y' religion?

    Note : No offence to any religion , people of any faith.
  2. kitty fukr

    kitty fukr Banned

    I think Islam are the only ones that presently fight for Muhammad those niggas are hard. The rest of the world just fights for control I guess.
  3. Immor

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    If we manage to survive several billion years we will have a solution to a fading sun. No, if we perish it is more likely going to be because of US or Israel starting nuclear war (an article in an israeli newspaper just argued for one), or because of pollution slowly killing off the life we depend on.

    Religions usually start out with good intentions and practices, but as time goes on often are taken over by power-hungry madmen who then pervert the idea.
    Doesn't only happen to religions either. Communism comes to mind.
  4. Thanatos

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    I think it's tribalism. Evolutionarily we tend towards being group oriented and we want to support our group, so humans do stupid things in the name of the group. They basically psyche themselves up and talk each other into doing these things. Look at any successful group and you'll see the same behaviors, not having to kill to get what your group needs is a recent development.
    It's mainly fear that's pushing people to do these things... they fear the rest of the world.
    Which is also an instinct.
  5. EarthDragon

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    I've heard of a study, that took account every war that humanity has ever fought and found out that only 7% percent was religion based. Ethnic differences, economic wars are much more common.
  6. Nath1234

    Nath1234 Fapstronaut

    Thanks for sharing your opinion kitty..
  7. Nath1234

    Nath1234 Fapstronaut

    I completely agree with you Thanatos.. but all of us (irrespective of any human race/ belief/ religion we follow), there will come one day, when all have to depart our loved into a realm unknown (whatever the sacred scriptures/ books say) .So why not 'try' to live a life of peace & brotherhood <or at least not hurting other people, who don't believe in our belief system, don't eat what we eat(just an exaggeration :))> ??

    This may seem to be a vague thought of mine..but sadly as you said 'Fear' might be yet another reason for this...

    @EarthDragon:: Interesting, would really love to read about the study, if you can share (IM) me the link/ material of that study, it would surely enlighten me :), Thanks..
  8. DireWolf

    DireWolf Fapstronaut

    because they have been brainwashed, religion is man made as a tool, this tool is utilized to manipulate opinions and create mindsets, killing while thinking God watches over you is just evidence of stupidity
  9. Warrior01

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    Exactly. Religion is Man-Made and artificial. The belief for a God is something natural and is innate in human beings, religion mainly is created by people as a way to gather in a group, and in some level helps people to get to common goals and to share same values.

    But in recent history, Religion have been prone to misuse, to attack, to separate, to fight. Not saying that is completely bad, but if people used more of retroinspection, and reasoning, things would be much better.

    I'm Christian and I really liked this article i just read today and found this post someway related
  10. Steel Fury

    Steel Fury Fapstronaut

    Two things: Ego and resources. Oh, and the use of fear on the more gullible members of society. Resources are usually what people are after when fighting ANY war. Ego and gullibility are what drive people to lay down their lives for their religion. Ego is what makes the people of the other religion "wrong" in someone's eyes, and gullibility is what buys into the promise of "eternal life" if you just sacrifice yours on Earth for our "noble" cause.
  11. monkotto

    monkotto Fapstronaut

    interesting thread.

    on the one hand religion gives hope and safeness...
    on the other hand religion destroys and kills.

    christianity was very aggressive in the past.
    islam is very aggressive nowadays.
  12. Ankur Sharma

    Ankur Sharma Guest

    i think because of uneducation/illiteracy/unemployment. its easy to deceive such kind of people.
  13. Nath1234

    Nath1234 Fapstronaut

    @Ankur :: Thanks for sharing your views.Rightly said brother. Education plays a major role in shaping one's perspective in understanding the concept of religion. I am a Hindu. Take for example the 'Sati' system .Child marriages were common during early days. Women HAD to jump in the fire in which their deceased husband was burning..Then slowly after many centuries, people realized this was absolutely ridiculous and has to be stopped...

    @touchtheotherside :: Thanks for sharing your views. An interesting point you have put forth of human experience. I think we may be 'X' years old now (25,40,50, whatever) , but culturally we are 1000s of years old. Countless generations (our ancestors) have walked this earth, fought, laughed, loved, cried, sang, cried on the very land (just a vague example :)) , before we did. We should try to remember that fact before jumping into heinous acts of war, genocide, communal conflict , hunger for total world domination, etc etc ...

    @monkotto :: Thanks for sharing your views. Being aggressive is completely Okay, as far as it does not hurt the sentiments <or> people of other faith. Or at least one should respect the practices / culture of other faith. That is a basic human behavior. A few extremists go on taking lives of innocent victims, and say that's God's work . This is completely stupid. Which Divine Entity will allow this to be carried out on its creations ?.
  14. monkotto

    monkotto Fapstronaut

    in my opinion this is one of the deepest topics (beside the topic "sense of life").

    ok the bible and the koran say: god created everything - accordingly he created also:

    evil, war, porn, the devil, rape, mental illness, starvation, fapstronauts, sorrow etc.

    is it fair to blame humankind for its weakness?

    like i said this is an extrem deep topic.

    there must be thousands of books analysing this topic.

  15. Nath1234

    Nath1234 Fapstronaut

    @monkotto :: You are absolutely right .

    This is a very very deep topic, I confess I just know about 1 * 10 ^-9 in Theology & its effect on Human.

    Its not fair to blame humankind on these weaknesses, bit we all have the power of choice to take actions (that will eventually affect us as individuals, our families, community, state, country, species) for the circumstances we are in right now , be it poverty, illiteracy, human rights violation, recession .. An if the choice is an informed one, it will be a better world to live (& eventually perish in )..
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  16. I think it's a little bit more complex than that. Also Islam has been aggressive from the time of its birth until present day. ISIS and the Taliban are not doing anything new in the history of Islam.


    As for Christianity most will point to the Crudades, Spanish Inquisition, etc, but even those instances are few and far between regarding the overall history of Christendom. Also if you look deeper into the Crusades and history of Islamic conquests, you should be able to establish the connection between the two and see that the Crusades were a Christian response to the already well established history of "peaceful" Islamic sacking.

    Lastly keep in mind I'm not justifying all of the horrible things Christians have done during these instances, but it does help us see them in a clearer light when we take into account the other historical factors during those times.
  17. monkotto

    monkotto Fapstronaut


    think about a boy - with a mental ill stepfather - abused many times in childhood. this boy becomes a man and is also mental ill. he rapes women. this is just an example. the boy had no choice. do you understand my point? can you blame this boy for becoming a monster?


    right i reckoned the crusades.

    i am sure soon an islamic guy will post the opposite.

    american soldiers praying to god before killing iraq soldiers.
    iraq soldiers praying to god before killing american soldiers.

    and there is only one god - accordingly they are praying to the same god. :)
  18. The Islamic guy is more than welcome to do so. Anything is better than sweeping generalizations such as Christianity was agressive in the past and Islam is agressive nowadays.

    What is your point here? American soldiers are not all Christian and Iraqi soldiers are not all Muslims. While both Christianity and Islam are monotheistic I wouldn't say they believe in the same God. Isalm rejects the Trinity, and rejecting the Trinity, especially the Second Person of the Trinity; Jesus Christ, is a rejection of the One True God according to most major Christian sects.
  19. monkotto

    monkotto Fapstronaut

    generalization? ok that is my opinion.

    my point?

    80 percent christians (american soldiers) and 80 percent muslims (iraq soldiers). better now?
  20. tophat888

    tophat888 Fapstronaut

    I agree! Biblical Christianity is a faith that believes Jesus is the only way of salvation. Religion basically teaches that man can earn their own salvation, even though we are all sinners. Religion is also about power and control over people, while the Christian Faith is about Jesus changing people's hearts.

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