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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Selfcontrol1, Jun 11, 2018.

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    That’s why porn is described as the crack cocaine of heroin addiction, keeping dopamine levels high for a long time. The coolage effect also is a major problem with sex and love addiction
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  2. There might be something here... is everyone aware on the forum about this information? Kinda big stuff
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    Alot of us i think they already know. They mention this type of staff in instructional videos like the brain on porn. I recommend you to go watch it.. It will help you understand this crap
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    I personally relate to the concept 100% because I'm a alcoholic and drug addict in rehabilitation. Done drugs all my life since I'm a kid.. I freaking born a addict. I guess because this is my only addiction now (pmo) makes it even harder. Because my brain dosent want to give it away . BUT I DO! ! ! !! !! !!! !!!!!
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    whatever, porn is bad and drugs are bad too but crack make a addiction in the first use
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    Not really! It could in some people, maybe, but not, brother. You might be confusing it with heroine. That's the reputation heroin have. I never shot heroin my self but I have met docents of H addicts . And that's what I heard. Opioids are some extremely hardcore over the top poison that claims lives left and right
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  7. I think you mean "cooligde effect", folk.

    It basiclly tells to your brain to seek for new females everytime you want to have sex or masturbate, yeah, Gary Wilson has explained that porn industry would not exist if there wasn't this effect.
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    I think the main thing I want addictions for is to avoid my feelings. So I probably use enough addictions not to feel the feelings I'm not able to handle. So I don't think its as important what the actual behaviors are because if I am still avoiding the feelings I can replace one addiction with another and still not feel the feelings. So I think feeling the feelings is like a central thing which releases me from the need for an addictive behavior.
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    More additions, more problems.
  10. Oh man, I’ve read so many stuff on nofap over the years, I know most of what they say about the issues of pmo I just still don’t realize I suppose. It’s worse than I thought.

    Haha some people have that type of personality, an addictive one, but mind over matter remember, your brain wants to do pmo, not you
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    Your right!

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