Would a girl want a guy that's almost 30 that still lives at home with his parents if he's saving mo

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by zxcv, Apr 5, 2018.

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    Would a girl want a guy that's almost 30 that still lives at home with his parents if he's saving money for a house?
    Basically, I'm still living at home. But I have a full time job, and should hopefully have a programming job sometime this year. But I don't see the point of renting an apartment when I could use be using that money to save for a house (I still am paying my parents some rent, just not as much as I would be for a apartment.) But I'm looking for a girl that I can marry, not someone just to goto bed with. at least in my mind, it makes more sense save money now then when I get married find a house so I'll have less to worry about after I get married and hopefully have a house that's mostly or fully paid off.
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    A woman in her late 20s or early 30s might understand that far better than say, one in her early 20s. I don't see anything wrong with it. Tell her upfront and why, be real with her. She'l see that and realize the kind of guy you are. Some may think its lame, but an equal anount wont care. It's who you are, who you attract.

    Tell em up front. Don't hide it. It is what it is. Saving money ain't lame. Living in the basement gaming is one thing, but working and taking the trash out and helping your parents clean house is a kind gesture.
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    I don't see why it would be a problem if you're upfront with it. I am living at home with my parents aswell I'm 25, soon 26 and it hasn't really come up as a problem.

    If I find someone serious before I buy my own apartment and we are talking about moving together I wouldn't mind renting a place. but that's me.

    Do what feels best for you. I've learned that if I wait for people to make a decision and not go for my own feelings and actions nothing will ever happen according to my needs and desires.

    I'd say don't worry about it.
  4. Yes. Women and men want different things from relationships generally. The challenge is finding a women who wants the same things as you. There are a lot of women who want security...you are lucky you are like you are.
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    If she’s smart she’ll appreciate it. If not, you’re better off without her.
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    I’m the same almost 28 live at home again with mum not lived with dad since I was 16 thank god. I don’t see a point in renting as it’s so expensive where I am also work full time in property and am fairly successful but single again women don’t like to meet the mother so soon nowadays so is hard. I’d like to settle down too.
  7. Always be yourself and walk in your truth.
    If a woman respects you, that's fine.
    If she does not, walk further without her.
  8. If you were just looking to get laid then maybe it would be a problem. But as you said you are looking for a wife then the only women you are going to filter out are ones that you probably don't want as a life partner.
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    Agreed just getting laid was a problem for me had to do it when she was away or in a hotel. If you like me want a proper relationship they won’t mind so much as unless rich and out of touch will understand how hard it is too move out these day’s so expensive in London.
  10. My question to you is "Would you want a girl who didn't want you as you are" the answer is simple don't over think it find women that like you as you are also news flash there are no perfect women many of them have the same issue you have dump the ones that don't like you as you are
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    Bro there are literally some girls who will do anything.

    But generally speaking no, a guy living in his mom's basement at age 30 obviously isn't going to be the first choice for the average girl.
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    Well, I'm in a similar situation - living with mother studying bachelors and working abroad during summer for 12 hours every day and by my calculation's 4-5 years of that and I'd have at least half of what's needed for medium apartment or enough for a small one. by the time I get masters I would have in theory most of the sum and then the skill to aquire a good paying job. I my country by statistics ppl aged up to 25 live at their parents, because it's hard to get a house. However by 30 in my opinion wherever you are you should be able to acquire a house or have enough income to pay mortgage and feed a family (We are talking 1st asnd 2nd world economies where that's relatively possible.) So yeah, what have you been doing all those years man? Bet it's not nothing but also bet it's not the best you could have done.
  13. I think what you need to be mindful of is that people are constantly interpreting things, especially as we try to find a romantic partner. A girl might interpret you living with your parents as a sign you are:
    - not capable of supporting yourself, and maybe not support me
    - overly attached to your parents
    - immature
    - comfortable and don't like being out of comfort zone

    Or she might interpret it as as sign you are:
    - loving with family, and so probably make a loving husband
    - able to forge strong family relationships so make a good father
    - willing to make sacrifices now, to be secure in future
    - confident in your own skin and don't care what people think

    It's really a combination of many different "signs" that will lead to particular conclusions being drawn. So if you act very immature and needy, she will think the first judgement. Personally, I would weigh up a range of things about a guy, including the fact he lives with his parents, to inform my thoughts about him.
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    looking for someone to marry and not go to bed? sounds so boring bro
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