Yes, we are sex addict´s

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    I read in some of the publications I read on this site, asking if often having sex does not break the abstinence of pornography. My answer is only one who sees pornography becomes addicted to sex. The brain preaches in matches, many and varied and sexxo by sex is to continue only an addition that the brain has. On the other hand, special care is needed with us because we are particularly vulnerable when the subject is sex. Abstinence, however boring or inhuman it may seem, has to be total for a period of time that can vary for each one differently. If the use of pornography took place duranate a long time the abstinence should last much longer, in cases exxtremos maybe a two or three years and have constant medical help. We are dealing with an addition that is worse than heroin for a simple reason I add to the heroine does not have in a way so easy and so cheap the drug that seeks. Cyber pornography is one of the biggest diseases out there.
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  2. Yes. I agree with that because while porn was enough satisfaction for me for a while, my urges grew past just watching porn to wanting to have sex and sexual reciprocation and gratification.


    (Explaining all of this is also keeping me from relapsing at the current moment as well)

    When I was 19, fast food job, just graduated, no college, I got into cybersex/chatrooms I would go in as myself, having hours/nights where I was chatting with women(they posed as women and acted as women, but for all I know they were men catfishing before catfishing was a term). After a awhile chatting in these rooms wasn’t enough and I fell into a “premium” chatroom (over 18 and a 39.99 a month membership) where aside from chatting with the members you could set profile pics (nude and non nude) and vids (mostly nude) and possibly meet up if in your area for NSA sex. For two weeks I tried everything to meet up with a woman and no such luck. I even went to hardcore extremes thinking it was my looks by fasting/anorexia with also bulimia, burning 1500 calories a day doing just cardio at the gym, crunches and sit ups to lose my gut and nothing. I was destroying myself in hopes to have sex with a woman. Then one day I recieved a personal message from who I believed at that moment in the tiny profile pic was a woman saying I was cute and wanted to chat and possibly meet up one day. When I open it, and saw all of her pictures and vids, she was transgender M to F.

    I had never even been with a guy at this point, and I wasnt even disgusted, I was so fascinated and curious and lonely and flattered that I messaged back seeing how far I could go by the time I felt uncomfortable. We talked for half a day, she asked me if I had ever been with a trans and if I was interested in just hanging out first and seeing where it would lead. I knew that meant some sexual activity. Everything felt right and natural, she invited me to her apartment and I won’t get into specifics, but I left feeling happy, shocked, confused, but overall now wanting more.

    We hooked up for a couple more times, and in between this I recieved a message from a guy asking me if I wanted to go over to his place that night. I was a little hesistant and more confused. I kept thinking “ok, she was transgender, this is a guy...I’m not gay...I’ve never been curious about doing anything with an actual guy but now how bad could this be?” So I accepted his offer and told him before I went over just JO together...we did a lot more than that...and I was stuck wanting more and more and it didn’t matter from men women or trans. I wanted sex.

    I never hooked up with one woman through that site either.
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    I think your right
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    Thank you very much for the trigger warning. A very intresting story. It feels really familiar

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