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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Deleted Account, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. The problem is p-sub videos using YouTube. I was wondering how many other people have this problem? I really have to limit my usage on it now, even from a young age when I used to M it was through p-sub videos on there.

    Any tips to avoid would be much appreciated, P isn't really a problem for me anymore, specifically certain videos on YouTube are. The problem is also there's so many good videos on there and I haven't gone in too specific but that is the real addiction for me, but surely I can't be the only one with this problem.
  2. I defined p-sub as broad as possible but it's not worth naming examples in case it triggers anyone, especially if they search it and fall into the same loop I seem to be stuck in.
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  3. Tuscarora Rover

    Tuscarora Rover Fapstronaut

    99 percent of my PMO addiction was p-subs through internet access, Youtube included. At this time I have no unrestricted internet access and do not plan to ever again.
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  4. how did you block youtube? it is a pain
  5. V∧DΞR

    V∧DΞR Fapstronaut

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  6. Peter.Parker10

    Peter.Parker10 Fapstronaut

    Seems to me like you're falling into an escapist behavior.

    Youtube is a blackhole. Once you begin watching a video, suggested videos can suck you in for hours + if you're subscribed to channels with triggering stuff, it's just a matter of time until the platform will show you a suggestions with lots of triggers.

    Blocking websites has been useless for me. Instead of that, you should aim for self discipline.

    Set yourself a time limit to what you do online. Perhaps an app to limit time in screen could help.

    Also, delete your youtube history, that way, it won't show up suggestions based on the recent videos you've seen.

    Sorry to hear you've been having this problem, man. Creators of these platforms design the sites to trigger your dopamine, they want to do anything to keep you there. :/
  7. Tuscarora Rover

    Tuscarora Rover Fapstronaut

    On an apple phone or device you can specifically restrict certain websites, or literally all but specific websites, through a passcode in screen time which a friend or wife can set up. Other options ive heard of are things like K-9 or blocking functions for routers. I have an iphone and my wife has the passcode to screen time
  8. Hi, I am not so familiar with blockers. But as I know me, I'd trick any one of them. What helps me is to simply know: You either work on recovery or you work on relapse. Defining habits and place, behaviors that are an 'absolute no no' (inner circle), defining habits and places, behaviors that are to be watched out for, avoided (middle circle), as they lead to inner circle and defining habits and places, behaviors that are an absoulte 'yess!' (outer circle). That's a method I know from the Twelve Steps. Also known as bottomline are topline. But with the circles you get that danger zone, too.


    In this understanding, those specific youtube vids are inner circle, youtube it seems for you is middle circle. Blockers are surely helpful, building a strong mind is the key out of this misery. Have a clear plan, some chocolate bar, some water and faith, willingness and enjoy the sober trip. It's so much more fun.
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  9. Thanks for the tip, I'll try this if self discipline approach fails.
    I think you're spot on in what you say, I think it is escapism for me and timers seem the way forward.
    this is a great idea, i'll definitely use it in case my own self discipline fails.
    I've never heard of this before but it is brilliant! I'll be sure to incorporate it.
    Thank you, I agree it's so much more fun just need to focus more.

    All this advice has really motivated me to stay clean on what I look for on YouTube. I hope to show you how much by moving on from this problem.

    It's worth noting other issues which you might be able to good advice on. The first is a personal question for me:

    Is it worth not talking to girls at all until I am in a position to be serious and marry, to live a more righteous life? This is a question I've been asking myself as I have a fiancee but as we're both quite religious we agreed not to talk until I have better self discipline (after I complete this 90 days) but she believes in me, so what's your take on this?

    How can I be more productive, specifically in terms of waking up early, and procrastinate hard tasks less?
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  10. Tuscarora Rover

    Tuscarora Rover Fapstronaut

    I don’t think you should set yourself up for 90 days without communication with your fiancee. I think you should set up some daily routines and a plan for failure because failure is certain. Its how you take that failure that determines how fast you stop failing. If you remain calm and dissect the failure to understand it, you can prevent it the next time. But theres many factors that come into play. You may shoot for ninety days but say instead, ninety days of doing everything right, as much as possible. Ninety days of total commitment. That way if you relapse, you just pick back up where you left off. And your fiancé can be your accountability partner. My wife was before we got married. She had the code to my phone even then. She knew every time I reset or relapsed. Unfortunately it wasn’t until recently I learned how important the daily anti-PMO routine, commitment and consistency, and learning from a relapse rather than emoting over it are. But at least now I have the tools to succeed..
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  11. PanteriMauzer

    PanteriMauzer Fapstronaut

    Depends of what you see on youtube

    I never had problems with youtube
    Basically because my youtube feed and recommendations are full with very interesting topics and never related to porn
  12. PanteriMauzer

    PanteriMauzer Fapstronaut

    Bullshit , youtube is amazing , channels like Real Crusades History, Eastern Roman History, Kings and Generals , Bazzbattles, Nasa Srpska Arhiva, Bald and Bankrupt, Philosopies of Life, OE Fitness, etc..... really make my day !
  13. BobbyBaccala1987

    BobbyBaccala1987 Fapstronaut

    Although my YouTube subs were just non sexual - sports/entertainment etc and if any of my family/wife saw my subs or just wanted to see what’s on my profile I would be fine. On the face of it it’s perfectly normal.

    But there are searches and triggers that I knew for years could get me off and have done, over and over again. Although I enjoyed YouTube on my phone and old pc for many years (lots of hours wasted I guess) I couldn’t continue having it around knowing how close I would be to negative material and especially adding porn blockers to my phone, my YouTube app was ripe for taking advantage so it had to go, along with Reddit. That was yesterday.

    Today is probably the first time in about 15 years I haven’t looked at YouTube while at home etc.

    When your in recovery you have to reprogram. Look at every facet of your previous way of living with a magnifying glass and see if it is positive and healthy or not.

    That is what I am doing atm. It’s a long road and one that will take time but the good news is that you will get there, you just have to believe, had some discipline and stick to the plan of changing for the better.
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  14. WalkingForward

    WalkingForward Fapstronaut

    I have this problem too, this is not bulletproof advice but things that have helped me:
    1. The browser extension df tube (blocks recommended videos)
    2. The browser extension Block Image|Video (blocks images/video, you can still have a youtube video on with it but the video is blocked and replaced by a black screen, easy to turn on/off)
    3. Never visit YouTube's front page, have for example your watch later page bookmarked and then search your way to videos/channels
  15. Aléxandros

    Aléxandros Fapstronaut

    Yeah, got an iPhone myself with a password. Useless to say that from that time I never did anything with my phone, blocking all triggering apps and websites for good!
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  16. CodeTalker

    CodeTalker Fapstronaut

    But the code is only 4 digits for restrictions. It's way to easy to bypass.
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  17. Tuscarora Rover

    Tuscarora Rover Fapstronaut

    I mean I guess, if you’re the code talker...
  18. Aléxandros

    Aléxandros Fapstronaut

    I can't, too many combinations.
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  19. TheForsakeen

    TheForsakeen Fapstronaut

    agree that youtube is good but my last relapse i kid you not its was an ad from a pornstar, i did not particularly arouse me so i thought i had beaten the addiction and foolishly went into the wolf den to test myself; well all water under the bridge now but it was a shit move.
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  20. prfyygz67

    prfyygz67 Fapstronaut

    I don't know about your exact severity of Youtube addiction. However as an ex Youtube addict, I used to watch P-sub videos on Youtube just like you do. Therefore; I can give you some tips to handle it.
    The first rule is to set boudaries against Youtube .There are some apps on Chrome which help you restrict your time with Youtube. I have been using "Blocksite"
    https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/blocksite-stay-focused-co/eiimnmioipafcokbfikbljfdeojpcgbh. You can block other websites like Instagram,Twitter whatever your isssue is with. I have also been watching Youtube videos mostly by downloading what I wanna watch. I have been using the website below to convert the Youtube videos https://onlinevideoconverter.party/.
    The second rule is to watch Youtube videos only for a productive reason rather than meaningless entertaining videos. What I mean is that see Youtube as a weapon for dealing with your addiction. Watch the videos including the topics such as nofap tips, strategies, nofap successes, work tips, hobbies and beneficial information.
    The third rule is to transform your life with the activities regarding self discipline and self care so that you could never binge watching Youtube videos. Have a weekly schedule which guides you towards healthy lifestyle and let you break free from your Youtube chains.If you continue to do these activities, you will realize that your brain is now healing.
    The final rule is to accept your Youtube addiction and be COMMITED to your healthy Youtube usage. You should also know that this is a process like any other struggling. Therefore; be commited to set boundaries, watch them for a good reason, transform your life with the activities regarding self discipline and self care. I have been sober for PMO for almost 1 year, and I can clearly say that my victory came because my Youtube freedom has helped me too much.
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