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hey guys! something great happened to me. Im not anymore attracted to sissy porn even though I did not stop. But I guess something within me has changed. I think this is a miracle. Although I cannot stop my PM habits recently, I tried praying every night and last night while I was browsing on sissy porn, I immediately felt uninterested and now Im thinking of quitting PM again.

Please pray for me so I can have the strength to finally quit this time.
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ManuEli1994 more_vert
Praise the Lord. I am happy for you! Keep on praying and fighting your addiction
Icyweb more_vert
Congratulations! Throw yourself into this challenge with everything you've got. You've been given a gift, but there is no way of knowing if this is a permanent healing,
Icyweb more_vert
or a temporary reprieve to help you get back on your feet. Either way, praise God and good luck.
YonCharly456 more_vert
But do not think that it will always be the same. Sometimes it is only an incentive to strengthen your will. Create a new heart and learn to see with pure eyes. Fix your eyes on Christ